Yi Yangqianxi's "Chinese Doctor" tidbits are exposed, the pure plain face is the focus of the scene, and the tiredness can't be hidden

Yi Yangqianxi’s “Chinese Doctor” tidbits are exposed, the pure plain face is the focus of the scene, and the tiredness can’t be hidden

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In recent years, there have been a lot of popular male celebrities in the entertainment industry. There are countless fans with a role or a talent show, but there are many young male actors who have real acting skills and appearance. Many, the Yi Yang Qianxi that we are going to talk about next can definitely bear such a high evaluation. Nowadays, the name of Yi Yang Qianxi must be familiar to everyone.

Yi Yang Qianxi is a member of TFboys. When this group first debuted, Yi Yang Qianxi was the most unwelcome one. When he was a child, his appearance was inferior to the other two teammates, so fans like Qianxi. It is indeed less. Who would have thought that men’s colleges can also be changed for 18 years. Now that all these years have passed, Yi Yang Qianxi has completely counterattacked and has grown into a hormonal handsome guy.

However, netizens are really fans of Yi Yang Qianxi. The biggest reason is that he is really strong. In the past few years, the movies he starred in almost all had a good box office. “This role was played alive, and the release of “Send You A Little Red Flower” was still well received. Nowadays, Yi Yang Qianxi’s acting skills have been recognized by people in the industry and outsiders, and the resource film schedule is naturally out of reach.

In addition to “Changjin Lake”, “Chinese Doctor” is also a large-scale production film that Yi Yang Qianxi participated in. This work has a lot of celebrities participating, and it is about the period of the epidemic. In the story, Yi Yang Qianxi played the role of the intern lamb in the play. The audience was already looking forward to it when the stills were revealed some time ago.

Yi Yang Qianxi’s “Chinese Doctor” Highlights Revealed

Recently, “Chinese Doctor” released the highlights of Yi Yang Qianxi’s filming. He immediately became the focus when he appeared in pure plain face. From the highlights video, you can see that Yi Yang Qianxi’s styling is very simple, and his hairstyle is not too much modified. It is in line with the powerful doctor’s setting during the epidemic, but this fairy’s face value really can’t be covered by wearing a mask.

Yi Yang Qianxi’s pure plain face appearance is still handsome

Without any beauty filters, the facial features of Yi Yang Qianxi without any makeup modification are still very delicate and three-dimensional, and his facial contours are also perfect, with thick eyebrows, and he is a handsome guy without makeup. Look carefully. I can see red marks on the bridge of Yi Yangqianxi’s nose. It is probably the marks left by wearing a mask and goggles for too long when shooting.

Yi Yang Qianxi in front of the camera looks tired

In the clip of Yi Yang Qianxi’s interview, I can’t hide my exhaustion. I can clearly see that Qianxi’s dark circles are heavy and the tear grooves are also obvious. The whole person does not look very energetic. I didn’t shave it clean, I don’t know if it was to restore the feeling of the character, or Qian Xi did not take a good rest during the shooting, which made the whole person look so tired.

Before Yi Yang Qianxi appeared on the screen, it was glamorous, but he felt more real in this tidbit. Without the look and dress, Qianxi looks more youthful, and it still feels like a popular memory. The little boy in.

Although Yi Yang Qianxi only played a special role in “Chinese Doctor”, he still made a lot of efforts for the role of the lamb. He learned the basic skills that a doctor should possess. I really have the style of an intern. Sure enough, what an excellent actor can really act like. Just looking at this tidbit, I am already looking forward to the release of “Chinese Doctor”.

Now it’s not long since the release of “Chinese Doctor”, let’s wait for the wonderful performance of Yi Yang Qianxi. In addition to Qianxi, there are many celebrity actors and actresses on the same stage. With such an inspirational theme, “Chinese Doctor” will definitely have a good box office reputation!

Okay, that’s all I want to share with you. Are netizens looking forward to the movie “Chinese Doctor”? What do you think of Yi Yang Qianxi’s acting skills? Welcome everyone to leave a message and discuss.


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