Yi Yang Qianxi's ID card is exposed, but it is not after 00? The truth stunned the crowd

Yi Yang Qianxi’s ID card is exposed, but it is not after 00? The truth stunned the crowd

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The year 2000 is the year that crosses the century. We usually call children born in this year as Qianxi Babies, and the name of Yishang Qianxi has a lot to do with this special year. As everyone knows, Yi Yang Qianxi’s debut time was relatively early. When he first debuted, he was just an immature child, a child-like appearance. Now that so many years have passed, Yi Yang Qianxi’s career has advanced by leaps and bounds. A child grows up to look like a teenager.

In the entertainment industry, many people say that the age of female stars is a mystery. With the growth of their debut time, their date of birth on Baidu Baike is constantly changing, as if we can’t know their specific age in detail. In fact, in addition to female celebrities, the age of male celebrities is actually a mystery. Take Yishang Qianxi as an example. Everyone thinks Qianxi is a post-00. However, when Yishang Qianxi’s ID card was exposed, everyone was confused.

Yi Yang Qianxi’s ID card shows that he is not a Qianxi baby, but a teenager born in 1998. It turned out that a verdict on Yi Yang Qianxi’s application to freeze the infringing company’s finances was recently exposed in the evening. This verdict showed that Yi Yang Qianxi was born in 1998 at the age of 98. So, why is the name of the four-character brother Qian Xi? Isn’t the TF family a post-00 group?

In fact, the truth behind this incident is very simple, this is an oolong incident. The date on the ID card is not necessarily accurate. The date of many of our ordinary people’s ID cards is different from their actual date of birth, and this is exactly the case for Yi Yang Qianxi. In fact, Yi Yang Qianxi explained this matter a long time ago. Yi Yang Qianxi is a veritable millennial baby.

In fact, the reason why many people lied about their age and said that they were younger is just to have a better audience and make them more likes. When children first entered the entertainment industry, they didn’t know much about these things and didn’t have so much thought. When Yi Yang Qianxi was on the show when she was a child, she explained that she was actually born in 00, but the date on her ID is 98.

At that time, Yi Yang Qianxi was immature and looked very immature. He once explained in a serious manner in the show that “Yi” means welcome in their hometown, and “Qian Xi” means “Qian Xi Nian”, so the name “Yi Yang Qian Xi” is essentially in Welcome the arrival of the new year, because I happen to be in the year 2000, so my parents gave myself such a name.

After reading this information, presumably the people who eat melon will understand. Yi Yang Qianxi is a real post-00, but the information in the ID card registration is incorrect. This kind of thing is actually not surprising. After all, such things are not rare among us. Yi Yang Qianxi has never concealed anything from the audience, but has always used actions to do his best.

In fact, Yiyang Qianxi has developed very well in recent years. The so-called post-00s are no longer a representative word for immature. At present, many post-00s are like Yi Yanqianxi, working hard to manage their own lives, working hard or studying, so that they can have a better state. Artists like Yi Yang Qianxi are true role models for post-00s.


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