Yi Yang Qianxi is very upright, I really learned a lot from him, and received a lot of encouragement at many moments.

Yi Yang Qianxi is very upright, I really learned a lot from him, and received a lot of encouragement at many moments.

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I became a fan of Yi Yang Qianxi Road because of “Hip-hop 1”. I never liked or followed TFBOYS before, and I only knew him because of his special name. I like Qian Xi very much, and I also like Lu Han very much. But not acting in this movie because I don’t want to cut my hair, I can only fool the younger fans. Because for a certain period of time, the celebrity has more than one drama, and there may be endorsements or the roles that have been signed in the drama that require not to shave their heads. This will violate the contract and will not take the drama under the balance. And this play can only say that he was invited to perform.

It’s impossible to audition only Lu Han and Yi Yang Qianxi, idols, the most important thing is to transition in the right grade, the sooner the better. Millennium was known to Youku in the two years of 1314, and then intermittently, knowing that writing is good, I like it. , Intermittently until he shoots magazines, wow has such a personality, and the random fans outside the circle are accumulated in this way. It is not singing, writing, and dancing. Then listened to some of his songs. All the fans outside the circle are accumulated in this way, and there is another judging that the male celebrity is long-lasting, you can see the number of his male fans.

The reason why he can be treated differently from others is because he has paid more and worked harder than others. We can see all the paper cranes he has experienced. He made his debut as a teenager from Feixuan. Feixuan sang in the Great Hall of the People when he debuted. How could children from ordinary families have such resources. Qian Xi’s eyes attracted me the most. It was quiet and calm. I don’t remember where I saw Qian’s mother who was very envious of her classmates who could sing and dance when she was in school, but her family’s financial conditions were not good. I think she worked so hard. Cultivating children is also convinced that there is some talent.

It is necessary to maximize the potential. But in addition to these, all aspects of character education are really powerful. Let his parents talk to himself. He is one of the few who has traffic and has good popularity, and then he is more demanding of himself, and his strength is also good. Only when I became a mother did I know how difficult it is to educate, and how difficult it is to cultivate an excellent son like Qian Xi, and how proud he is. I really admire the tutoring of Yi Yangqianxi’s parents for making the children so educated and principled. Then I am willing to give, to make the child different.

No pain No gain. Let the children be willing and strive to become a master. Slow people do not have five points for making real friends, either two points or ten points. Slow heat is not a derogatory meaning, they will be more serious and sincere and willing to get to know a person, rather than lonely is to walk with each other when they happen to meet. They are never afraid of being alone, so those who can really walk into their hearts will become “owners.” In fact, many fans who like Qian Xi also saw his own shadow in him. Qian Zhihe and Qian Xi can also be the same type of people, and he is the top guide.

He succeeded because he was more cruel to himself, he worked harder, and was able to understand himself better. I also hope that he will not be so closed sometimes. It is not that he needs to make friends, but that we need to make him, an excellent friend. Be an ordinary person in your own world. May the world in the crevices also bring comfort and nature to Aya. Without prying or suspicion, keep a healthy distance from him. May we have such a “comfort zone” after we retire from the masks and defenses of society, and have the freedom to return to the state of children.


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