Yi Yang Qianxi is calm and restrained, retractable, good at socializing but not scheming

Yi Yang Qianxi is calm and restrained, retractable, good at socializing but not scheming

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In fact, my cognition and love of Yi Yang Qianxi before seemed to be only in the plane. What really surprised me was that this is Hip-hop 3, I was suddenly moved by a certain trait, and now I think it’s not so much fragility. A sense of tenderness, which can also be called a sense of youth. I think the sense of youth that I was moved at the beginning is related to his introverted but gentleness. The gentleness and details will give the audience a sense of sensitivity and transparency, like a kind of ” The generation of “Beauty” has a little fragile perfection.

This is undoubtedly a boost to his acting path. He can experience in more detail the fate transitions and heart dynamics he feels. As a bystander, he wants to protect the sense of vulnerability and let the audience blend his emotions to bring him into it. The above is purely broken thoughts, so I look forward to my brother’s new film and television works. Secondly, the feeling of alienation that Yi Yang Qianxi has in his bones, and the inability to communicate eagerly with people who have first met in a short period of time, this can be known from the teachers and interviews he cooperated with.

There are also his own sculptures, drawings, skewers, pan walnuts, etc. on ins, etc., which are not things that children of his age will be involved in. This kind of personality is not good in the entertainment industry. But it is precisely these things that make the public different from this entertainment circle. It seems to be in the circle, but it seems to be outside the circle. It is not impetuous, dissatisfied, not self-proclaimed, treats others modestly, only quiet. Jing earnestly does her own thing and brings satisfactory answers to fans. Actually making his character become precious in the circle, this may be regarded as the power of Yi Yang Qianxi.

His natural resources were won by himself, and his agency was the vampire of Times Fengjun who managed several combinations. He came out to open a studio in 17 years and went solo with his own team. His career and corner overtaking also started around that time. Therefore, behind him, only himself and his team add one more to follow him to protect and support his crane. Compared with those who signed Dahua after opening the studio, he is really strong all the way through his own ability. He is calm and introverted, with ease.

Whatever you do, the plan will be prepared in detail. He is very clear about the people and relationships around him, and is good at socializing but not scheming. In short, in my eyes he is close to perfect. He also has art and romance. He is curious about new things, has a kind heart, and makes donations silently. He is a very good person. I will miss the past, plan the future, guard the pure land in my heart, listen to slow songs, look at the beloved, and take pictures of his world and share it with his crane.

I think he is a complicated person, maybe this is nonsense. But my feelings for him are multifaceted. Never seen him. I have watched some of his interview videos before. Because I am a fan of his teammates, I sometimes pay attention to him. The first feeling he gave me was definitely not close. It’s the feeling of protective color around him. It just feels cold. Maybe it’s a different way of facing the world? The feeling of staying away from strangers. But when I watch some videos in private, I feel that this boy is so cute and has some very small gestures. This contrast is also one of his charms! Then he is a very patient person, and will think about some handmade. Then there is a person who has a goal and must go back to achieve it. He is ambitious in work.


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