Yi Yang Qianxi is a very gentle and patient boy, humble and restrained, but very explosive

Yi Yang Qianxi is a very gentle and patient boy, humble and restrained, but very explosive

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Yi Yang Qianxi is humble and restrained, yet extremely explosive. I think everyone who likes Yi Yang Qianxi is attracted to him. At the opening ceremony of the Chinese Opera, Qianxi Yi took the stage as a student representative to speak. From the very beginning of the little fresh meat, the handsome young man quietly worked hard to transform the powerful Yi Yang Qianxi, and did not live up to the word “idol”. He said: “The so-called destiny is that at a certain moment, you know you have thousands of choices, but you will always choose that path.” In a movie, look at whether a filmmaker really has connotations and whether it is true. The look of the eyes is very important when it is integrated into the play. In the matter of looking at the eyes, acting alone is not enough. You must have something in your heart to reflect in your eyes.

For me, he is not just Yi Yang Qianxi, he is everything in the world, he is like living in my heart. He has never met but is always with warm power by my side. I have never been so serious. Treat a person for a long time and even abandon the relationship of mutual dependence on each other. He is different. His excellence attracts me and can be the only thing I can change. The excellence of Yi Yang Qianxi comes from his childhood elders and the influence of the environment. His parents were very farsighted and brought him to Beijing to develop at a very young age. Therefore, when he was a child, he kept learning talents under the arrangement of his parents. He is a sensible boy who does not resist and complains about what he just does what they say. This is also him. Better than ours.

Watching the show before and recalling his previous life, he mentioned that it took a long time to travel from a small county to a training institution in the city, and sometimes it was too late for breakfast to be eaten in the back of the car, and the eyes of others were so small that the little boy always endured it silently. He is very good, hardworking, modest and handsome boy. I like that he was the first time he went up to the sky. When he laughed, he had a pear nest. He wrote a good calligraphy. He said he wanted to go to Peking University and danced. Good. He was very good and worked so hard, even if I knew that many people were scolding him for hacking him, I really feel sorry for him. A young boy must feel bad when he is scolded, but he has not given up and has been working hard.

He tried to make himself good, and did not give up on himself because of those external factors. I personally think it is better to describe him in such a sentence, knowing the world but not the world. Sometimes I really can’t understand why people who didn’t even see what dramas he played, what songs he sang, and what dances he had never heard and understood would come to hack him. After this year, he is just a freshman. A boy over 20, not to mention the talent he has at this age that many people would never think of. A person toasting a cup is always under the bottle, and you never use a finger when you point to someone. No matter who it is when you speak, it is your big boy.

Among the people around me, including the people I met, there is no one as talented and hardworking as him. If you only look at the value of his looks, he is indeed not the best-looking person in the entertainment industry. But I really haven’t seen a celebrity in the entertainment circle who will continue to learn and unlock new skills from time to time. It is said that although he has a lot of talents but is not well-versed, but at least he has a learning attitude and is willing to use the little time that should have been rested to learn. Isn’t this better than those who are only one or two different?

Finally, Yi Yang Qianxi is a very gentle and patient boy. He has experienced troughs and white eyes, but he is still very gentle. He likes a lot of things, he likes to do a lot, and there are many people who don’t want to disappoint. A good boy, always remembers our good, has been working hard to climb up, I don’t want him to be rich, I just want him to go well and his efforts will not be ignored. In any case, I will be behind you.


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