Yi Yang Qianxi and Wang Junkai successfully transformed, leaving only Wang Yuan in embarrassment

Yi Yang Qianxi and Wang Junkai successfully transformed, leaving only Wang Yuan in embarrassment

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There are still many audiences who are still looking forward to TFBOYS’s combined performance, but now it is rare for three people to appear together, let alone a combined event? This is not because the relationship between the three is slowly alienated, but the three have signed different companies. From the perspective of the company, they definitely hope that the three will develop separately and become three top-tier players, not a combination.

TFBOYS should be regarded as the most successful local group combination in China. Not only did the original group songs spread all over the streets, but the three group members also became the top idols in the Chinese circle. But now that the domestic market has matured, the audience in the Chinese-speaking entertainment circle has become more rational, and the pure idol traffic cannot be maintained for a long time and can only be transformed earlier. At present, the domestic music circle is in chaos and is not suitable for long-term development, so many top idols have transformed into the film and television circle.

Yi Yang Qianxi has become a leader in Chinese movies

Wu Yifan is a typical example of the failure of an idol’s transformation, so TFBOYS’s “three little ones” are also extra cautious on the road of transformation. The first successful transformation was Yi Yang Qianxi, who was slightly less popular at the time. The first mainstream film and television work he took over from the group was “The Twelfth Hour in Chang’an”. This TV series was not only popular in China, but also exported. Many countries and regions are the most popular costume giants in recent years.

It is said that when the filming of “The Twelve Hours of Chang’an” was being filmed, the remuneration requested by Yi Yang Qianxi was not high, and even the director Cao Dun was surprised. What he and his studio were after was the big IP of “Chang’an Twelve Hours” and the top crew strength. The costumes and props in the TV series are very sophisticated, and the details of the plot can withstand scrutiny. Yi Yang Qianxi has even abandoned it. The “idol temperament” of the flow star is well integrated into the work.

“Young You” allowed Yi Yang Qianxi to successfully enter the top Chinese movie circle. In addition to a box office of 1.6 billion, Yi Yang Qianxi became the youngest film winner and nominee for the Golden Rooster Award. Faye Wong once said in “The City of Fantasy Music” that Yi Yang Qianxi is a born actor, and he relied on “Youth in Youth” to prove his talent.

In early 2021, “Send You A Little Red Flower” directly promoted Yi Yang Qianxi to the ranks of leading male stars in the Chinese film circle. Compared with “Youth You”, it has Zhou Dongyu’s blessing, “Send You A Little Red Flower” The success of Yi Yanqianxi fully demonstrated the acting skills and strong box office appeal. And his next partner Wu Jing’s “Changjin Lake” and partner Zhou Xun’s “The World Has Her”, one is a large-scale commercial film that will hit the box office record of Chinese movies, and the other is a literary film aimed at the award season by a strong team. . It can be said that Yi Yang Qianxi has become a leader in Chinese movies.

Wang Junkai’s low-key transformation can be expected in the future

Wang Junkai is the most sunny and tough of the three. Perhaps some people’s impression of Wang Junkai’s work is still in Zhang Yimou’s failed work “The Great Wall”. The fiasco of “The Great Wall” cannot be attributed to Wang Junkai, Wang Junkai’s true sense of the first. The protagonist’s work is the TV series “Tiankeng Eagle Hunting”. This work adapted from the novel of the same name by Tian Xia Ba Chang can be regarded as a model of a new generation of suspense adventure dramas in China. Douban has a score of 7.5 that is better than most tomb robbers and adventure TV series. Wang Junkai is the absolute protagonist in this TV series, and his performance is also remarkable.

In terms of movies, Wang Junkai’s first work is “Worry-Relief Grocery Store”. In fact, most of the domestic remakes of Japanese novels are bad films. The quality of this film and the acting skills of the actors are still worth watching, although it is not as good as Yi Yan Qianxi’s debut work “The Youth “You” is so amazing, but it’s definitely not a bad movie. In the following three years, Wang Junkai knew the importance of “speaking on the work”. There was no excessive packaging hype, but a low-key takeover of many powerful giants.

Let’s take a look at the movies that Wang Junkai has accumulated for 3 years and will be released in 2021: Lu Chuan prepared 3 years of “749 Bureaus”; partner Fan Wei, Ma Sichun’s domestic crime film “Broken Bridge”, the director was once directed “Apple” , “Guanyin Mountain”, “All Things Grow”, Li Yu; the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party film “1921”. All of them are top teams and luxurious lineups. In the promotional photos of “Broken Bridge” two days ago, Wang Junkai’s eyes were firm and wild. 2021 will be the year of Wang Junkai’s outbreak, and the low-key transformation of the power group can expect the future.

Wang Yuan who failed to transform is embarrassed

Compared with the successful transformation of Wang Junkai and Yi Yang Qianxi, Wang Yuan’s position is more embarrassing. First, his appearance is not as good as the other two, he is too short and has a baby face. The second is that when Wang Junkai and Yi Yanqianxi applied for the film academy to concentrate on transformation, while Wang Yuan went to the Pheasant Conservatory of America to study music. Now the other two people have works on their bodies. Not only does Wang Yuan have nothing, even the claim to go abroad for further studies is just a gimmick.

The current Wang Yuan wants to transform the film and television industry again, but at present he has no masterpieces other than a guest star in “Earth Forever” and “Beiling Youth History: Master of the North”. Squeeze into the top Chinese movie circle. Seeing the successful transformation of the other two brothers in the combination, Wang Yuan could only be embarrassed by himself.


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