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(Reporter Malay Yi 20th) The Malay Yi Fuzhou Guild Rongqingrui Lions team recently participated in the cross-century lion dance championship competition held at the Palace Plaza by Miri Provincial Martial Arts Association. , Team B won the third place. .
A total of 13 Lions participated in the above competition. The guest invited to this event was Datuk Lee King Seng, Minister of Transportation of the Sands. Under the leadership of the cultural team leader Xu Zhongbin, the Rongqingrui Lions Team won the runner-up and Team B won the third place. This is the first time for the group to participate, and the team members are a little nervous. When they knew they won, they felt non-excited and happy. It was worth the hard work these days. The team members look forward to participating in more lion dance competitions in the future. In addition, the team’s drummer Shi Yanshen also won the best drummer.

The B-winning dance team took a group photo with the guests.
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