Yi Daqian, who has a wide range of hobbies, is also an all-round artist, so he is appreciated by the boss

Yi Daqian, who has a wide range of hobbies, is also an all-round artist, so he is appreciated by the boss

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No matter which celebrity in the entertainment industry first debuted, it is inseparable from the strong support and cultivation of entertainment companies, so this is also related to whether their future acting career will develop successfully. For example, when it comes to Jiaxing Media Company, I believe most people have heard about it, and even know that it is a cultural and entertainment company opened by Yang Mi. Although the company was relatively small at the beginning, it recruited not many employees, but recently It can be seen from Yang Mi’s strength in the year that there are many actors from all over the world, for example, Yi Daqian is one of them.

1. Experience before debut

Maybe everyone is not very familiar with this actor. In fact, he is also an authentic Hunanese. He was born in 1994 and graduated from a broadcast host school in Chongqing. High school attended a local ordinary middle school. Like all boys, he might choose a project he loves more. Therefore, he especially liked sports since he was a child, so he was also a sports committee member in the class. He was admitted in 2014. After attending the broadcast host school, he joined the guitar and drums class to make up for the lack of vocal music. From this we can see that he is also a versatile boy with a wide range of hobbies.

2. Bumpy after debut

Just in 2015, he participated in the selection activities of 1 various image spokespersons, won the championship of the finals, and then formally entered the show business circle. However, at the beginning, he started auditioning around like a headless fly, hoping to be appreciated by the director, but at the beginning it seemed that he met everyone in film works. It was not until 2017 that he starred in an urban emotional drama. He starred in his first work, and received Yang Mi’s appreciation in 2018. He officially signed a contract with Jiaxing Media Company and began to act in high-level works under the protection of his boss.

For example, in February this year, he co-starred in an urban spy drama called “The Eye of the Storm” with his boss. Although this is the first time he has had close contact with the boss, this is for him. It is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so I cherish it very much. Therefore, he also used his great power to be recognized by the boss. Combining the film experience before shooting, he hopes that he can perform the characters superbly and does not want to disappoint the boss, so he works very hard .

Concluding remarks

The editor believes that although Yi Daqian has just received Yang Mi’s appreciation, he believes that the resources on the road of performing arts will become more and more extensive in the future, and he will become a leader in the entertainment industry like other young actors. After all, he has excellent academic records and Handsome appearance and gentle temper, so in this aspect of philanthropy, he also showed his maturity and stability as an adult and his indomitable side.

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