“Yes or No or Half / Marudase Kintawolf” Review

Evaluation ★★★ ☆☆ (49 points) 60 minutes in total

Synopsis The young announcer, Kei Kunieda, has the duality of being sullen and sullen, contrary to the perfect exterior called a prince.Quote-Wikipedia

  1. There is too much difference in height between the first half and the second half, so it’s an ear keen!

    1. Marudase Kinta Wolf
    2. Yes or no or half
    3. Hidden identity
    4. Foreshadowing
    5. Sexual description
  2. General comment: The project is interesting

    1. Personal impression: Marudase Kintawolf

There is too much difference in height between the first half and the second half, so it’s an ear keen!

This work is called “BL FES !!-Boys Love Festival !!-“
A work that is being aired during a BL anime screening event.
Two films are shown in a 60-minute scale.
In this review, we will review the two together.

Marudase Kinta Wolf

Image source: From the special report of “Marudase Kintawolf” based on Naomi Guren
©️BL FES!! Production Committee

Oh yeah, it’s amazing.
The setting of this work is a setting of a level that holds my head a little,
Because the main character is a student of the school but also the president
Chastity is being targeted from all over the school, and it is the one who keeps it
It’s a “Kinta Wolf” who is both a lover and a bare lower body (laughs)

For some reason, I was caught by a student from another school who was aiming for me, and I was embarrassed
Just before chastity is about to be robbed, “Kintaro” comes to help with his lower body exposed.
They will show you all kinds of tricks, but don’t take them seriously.
This work is a gag.

A lot of techniques that can be said to be the extreme of vulgarity
Reminiscent of “Hentai Kamen” and “Kaipan Detective” of Kochikame,
In a development that changes rapidly with a digest
I’m desperate to keep up.

The story is too digested at once
It went too far and ended in a blink of an eye
I suddenly remembered outside the theater after the movie was over
Although there is a strange impression that “what was that work?”
It’s too digested and I don’t know what it is.

Although this event has two screenings, for works that will be screened in the second half
The emphasis is on this work, which may be treated as a bonus.
Before the main story in the movie version of Pokemon
“Pikachu’s Natsumi” and “Pikachu Tankentai”
It’s the same as being screened.

Because the work to be screened in the second half is quite serious,
To be honest, I’m glad that this film was screened in the first half.
If the screening order is reversed, the atmosphere will be ruined (laughs)
On the contrary, did it make sense to do this work in a movie theater?When
I have some thoughts, but I regret having laughed.

Yes or no or half

Image source: From the movie “Yes, No, or May”
©️BL FES!! Production Committee

This work, which will be screened in the second half, will be screened in the latter half of the film
It’s a very serious love story.
Although the main character “Kunieda” is a popular announcer,
The outside is ridiculously good, but the inside is complaining.

Physically, he is kind to the staff and is a wonderful announcer with no front and back.
However, he is tired of his daily life and “fake” himself in a sense.
Being an announcer, my private life is secret
Disguised as a mask and glasses, he enjoys beer bowl and raw beer.
I’m so angry that the voice in my heart is about to leak out.

He met the animation artist Tsuzuki.
He has a straightforward personality
Like a creator, he devotes himself to his work.
I met when I was interviewing as an announcer who is the face of “Kunieda”
That leads to the beginning of a strange love triangle.

Hidden identity

Image source: From the movie “Yes, No, or May”
©️BL FES!! Production Committee

The way to draw the love triangle in this work is interesting.
One day, “Kunieda” was called “Tsuki” in disguise as the back face.
Without knowing that “Tsuki” is “Kunieda”,
Help with your work as a responsibility for the injury.
At the same time, when I’m on the front, I continue to cover as an announcer.

The tsukkomi “Why can’t you find out?” Is wild (laughs).
When you are wearing a mask and glasses, and when you are in contact with a suit,
There is a gap, and the personality and wording are different.
“Tsuki” is gradually attracted to such “two people”.

Although there is no easy-to-understand description, in a sense something like “color”
Toward “Kunieda”, seriously and seriously for “Kunieda” on the table
I fell in love with the way I challenged my work, and I was blunt about the “Kunieda” behind me.
Although it is a wording, I feel a sense of security that I am with you somewhere.
However, “Tsuki” does not notice that the two “Kunieda” are the same person.

He is at a loss as he gradually seeks feelings for “Tsuki” of “Kunieda”.
The feeling of wanting to reveal one’s identity and the feeling of not wanting to reveal oneself,
I’m guilty of telling a lie that I’m hiding my identity,
Still, for “Kunieda” who lives by “decorating” himself
“Tsuki” who lives “without decorating” is attractive.

It’s frustrating to draw this indescribable love triangle,
The amount of monologue and the overall amount of dialogue of “Kunieda”
I’m curious that there are so many that I think “Is it a drama CD?”
The balance between the development that is purely anxious and the frustration is maintained.

The kiss “through the mask” while hiding the identity
It can be said that it is a mountainous area in the middle stage.


Image source: From the movie “Yes, No, or May”
©️BL FES!! Production Committee

Although it is a work of about 45 minutes, how to scatter hints is good,
Pronunciation of “Kunieda” because he is an announcer,
Foreshadowing exactly from the beginning such as “something” that he has
It is scattered and it is successfully recovered.

The development that leads to the result of their love
It produces a pleasant storyline.
In the story of 45 minutes, there is a solid transition,
The one picture of the two people while the ending is flowing makes me grin.

However, the person who did not appear until then at the end
The development that comes out is a mystery, probably like the original fan service
Although I understand that it is a character that came out in a sense,
The place where such a scene is put in the last part is unpleasant.

If you read the original, you may know that, but
I got a crisp impression that made me wonder, “What was the character now?”
It’s a pity that it remains at the end.

Sexual description

Image source: From the movie “Yes, No, or May”
©️BL FES!! Production Committee

Furthermore, the sexual depiction of this work is quite raw.
Although there is a scene like “one step before insertion” in the first half of Marudase Kintawolf
Because it’s a gag, it also leads to a frustrating laugh.
I didn’t care about anything.

However, the last of this work is a very raw depiction.
For the first time, two people who are convinced that it is designated as R15
The sound effects, facial expressions, and the acting of the two voice actors are simply erotic.

However, because the story up to that point was a good love pattern
It is the last thing that suddenly comes out with a vivid sexual depiction
Although it may be unavoidable because it is a genre called “BL”,
Wouldn’t it have been better to end with a kiss?When
There is also a part that I feel.

What the viewer wants from “BL” around here
It may vary depending on the values ​​of each sexual depiction.

General comment: The project is interesting

Image source: From the movie “Yes, No, or May”
©️BL FES!! Production Committee

Overall, the two-piece configuration is quite a mystery,
There is a part where it becomes difficult to switch heads with two completely different genres,
I’m sorry to the fans, but honestly, “Marudase Kintawolf”
It feels unnecessary.

It’s funny as a work, but it’s funny
Yes or no or half is a serious work, so the atmosphere is too
To fill the 60-minute scale, not too different
It is also a work that feels undeniably messy, even if it is forcibly animated.
Even though it’s a gag, it’s too digest.

Yes, no, or half is said to be the same person in a “love triangle”
The composition is interesting, and it makes you feel frustrated as a love story.
It makes me feel in a good way and welcomes a pleasant last.
Although I am concerned about sexual depiction and fan service nuances,
It is a work that is well organized in a scale of 45 minutes.

The event called BLFes, the project itself is interesting
The genre called BL, which is difficult to broadcast on terrestrial broadcasting,
I hope that it will be animated every year in this project.

Personal impression: Marudase Kintawolf

Image source: From the movie “Yes, No, or May”
©️BL FES!! Production Committee

To be honest, I want to see Marudase Kintawolf on a proper scale (laughs)
Rather, this work is completely crazy around the monk frame
If it was animated, it would have been enjoyed by more people.
Why was it animated in this event called BLFES?
It’s just a mystery.

As a work, “yes, no, or half” was interesting, but
What is memorable is the “Marudase Kintawolf”, which takes less than 15 minutes.
What kind of meeting really decided on these two configurations (laughs)
That was a very interesting project.

Yes or no or half[with electronic limited SS](Dear + Bunko)

Yes or no or half[with electronic limited SS](Dear + Bunko)
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