Year-end car upgrades, dodge categories to a futile life later

Every year Tet comes, in addition to the regular basic items, car owners often do not hesitate to spend an extra amount of money to upgrade for beauty. However, not all upgrades are helpful.

Vehicle upgrades have many different definitions, possibly from 3rd party brands but the plug and play format can be attached and used immediately, or must be in multi-stage mode. Sometimes just replacing the bulb is called an upgrade or a mode. Because these terms can cost in vain for inexperienced car owners.

Attach HID headlights

HID, also known as bi-xenon lamp, was one of the best alternative lighting solutions for halogen technology. However, over time this technology has been almost obsolete by the popularity of LEDs for higher efficiency, more power saving, less heat, and almost instant brightness.

However, because some people’s lack of awareness, leading to outrage in public opinion, and in order to limit the innocent use of LEDs, according to Clause 13 Article 8 of the Law on Road Traffic 2008, it is strictly forbidden to do so. installing and using horns and lights in contravention of the manufacturer’s design for each type of motor vehicle.

Regarding sanctions, according to Point a, Clause 3, Article 16 of Decree 100/2019 / ND-CP, drivers of cars (including trailers) install lights in front, rear, on the roof, underneath, one or both. Both sides of the vehicle will be fined from 800,000 to 1 million VND. In addition to the fine, the driver committing violation will also have the driver’s license stripped for 1-3 months; Violating devices will be confiscated by the traffic police immediately. And in 2018, the Vietnam Registry Department issued a written request for motor vehicle registration centers to resolutely refuse to register for vehicles with additional electrical equipment, in cases of adding side lights. front and rear are not according to the manufacturer’s design.

But that is the punishment of adding auxiliary lights such as led bar, new light aid, penalty and handling, and the upgrade to replace the light is completely not violated. But to ensure full performance, you should choose reputable places to avoid electrical failures, perfect and seamless aesthetics. Do not choose cheap places that can damage the lighting, as well as ineffective. And should choose Led technology, away from HID lamps because of better performance, the price difference is not too high.

Cool light stickers

With many cars using dark tones will feel cooler, but not all parts are special, especially the lighting system. Many car owners often paste smoky gray decals, clear black will give a new look. However, this also means reducing the car’s lighting ability.


No matter how transparent the paste, the light output has decreased, leading to limited observation at night, but still favored by the cheap and easy to original. If you still like that, you should choose to paint the headlight will give the paint color as you like, but still ensure the brightness of the car, and be sure to the painters that you can return to the original. If your car still uses halogen lighting technology, please abandon this idea.

In addition, do not add any kind of light bulbs, it is easy to be punished by functional forces. Just upgrading the lighting system is enough. If you go in foggy areas, you should consider the yellow decal sticker to ensure the lamp has a better ability to destroy the fog.

Cheap insulation stickers

Many garage owners often offer a startled price for cheap insulation film, then absolute resistance to peeking. In fact, they are poor quality films that only have the ability to darken the glass windows but reduce the viewing space a lot. While the quality film is not cheap, it offers very good thermal insulation, high coverage, good privacy, but still good night vision.


If the financial is not enough, it is advisable to choose a good insulating film for the glass, about 4-6 million VND and the films in the window, the rear glass in basic form is fine.

Types of leather upholstery, taplo

5D, 6d floor cover, taplo upholstery, seat upholstery are the most problematic when being flattered by the shops to the blue clouds. The actual use of the 5d, 6d floor cover will feel cleaner and more luxurious, but when it is not in use, after a while it will be seen that the cleaning is a pain, not to mention the smell that arises after using time. . Unless your car is a felt seat, upholstery is like keeping someone else’s use. Please put it on the right purpose and serve for yourself.


Wrapping taplo with the ornate words of the merchant is like a convenient item, in fact it only contributes to keeping dust in the car, more dangerous than hiding the opening of the airbag or deflecting the sprung path making an option. from safe to useless. Taplo car has been carefully researched by the manufacturers, in normal use conditions, and periodically maintained, it will be durable until the car is no longer used.

So what to do for the car at the end of the year


In fact, in addition to the periodic maintenance items, replacing necessary parts, if possible, you can refill cleaning solutions through the fuel tank or oil tank to have a better feeling, though not much. If the interior has down color, just bring it to a professional care center, they will bring your car back to 99% condition when you first pick up the car. As for the car with scratches, out of the ball, it is only necessary to re-polish it, these centers can meet that demand.


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