Ye Luoli's ninth season preview: long-haired pink fairy debut, love big skirt, very good figure

Ye Luoli’s ninth season preview: long-haired pink fairy debut, love big skirt, very good figure

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Introduction: There are a total of eight holy fairies in the Lingxi Pavilion to guard the power of the spirits, but since each holy fairy has its own tasks and responsibilities, Yan Jue summons the spirits and hopes that all the holy fairies will be there to deal with Mandola, but arrive at the scene Only Li Hui, Princess Shixi and Princess Ling, and Li Hui betrayed the Lingxi Pavilion. When Lingxi Pavilion was facing destruction, the eighth mysterious Lingxi Pavilion owner did not appear for a long time.

The eighth mysterious fairy appears for the first time in the official animation peripheral Lingxi Pavilion gem box. The main feature is pink hair and white skirt. Because the design of the toy is different from the actual character shape. Now the preview of Ye Luoli’s ninth season is finally broadcast.

A pink fairy walking on the edge of the universe.

On a barren ground, there is a mysterious fairy walking towards the camera all over the place. This scene should be on the edge of the universe. There are two super beautiful planets in the background. It feels that the place where the eighth mysterious fairy appeared is not On the earth, it should be impossible to see the stars in the sky so clearly.

As the camera shifted, the eighth pavilion owner of Lingxi Pavilion instantly appeared in another place, which was like a ruined ruin. This is probably the Lingxi Pavilion destroyed by Mandola and Heihua Xin Ling. The Lingxi Pavilion was destroyed, and the eighth Lingxi Pavilion owner failed to appear on time. For her, she must be a bit ashamed.

The eighth mysterious fairy style: long pink hair and a big love dress.

Originally, the doll who passed the jewel box thought that the eighth pavilion master of Lingxi Pavilion had short pink hair, but many people had guessed wrong. This mysterious female fairy turned out to have long pink hair, but her hairstyle is a bit unique, with short hair in the front and long hair in the back, and there are very beautiful hairpins on her hair.

Judging from her back, the big pink dress of the pink fairy looks a bit like that of Princess Ling, but it is a large pettiskirt, and the dress is also decorated with red hearts. Her origins should be closely related to Princess Luo Li, and it is also a love decoration.

From the front, the pink fairy, her face is no longer a big round face, but a pointy face that looks a bit like a net red, and her figure is very good under the big skirt. From this place on the front, the ground is a carpet of love, and the pink fairy should be her palace.

In the latest trailer, you can also see a lot of fresh information. For example, the Fire Lord also has his own holy beast: fire, the angel image of the light fairy, Shixi Princess is sealed, the water continues to spread sugar, and the peacock is restored to the original deity. Looks, wait, everyone, go to the trailer, there are definitely many wonderful shots.


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