Yang Mi's termination of the brand scene "death and shine", Wu Xuanyi's soil drops, Song Yi can barely see

Yang Mi’s termination of the brand scene “death and shine”, Wu Xuanyi’s soil drops, Song Yi can barely see

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Recently, a brand that was endorsed by Yang Mi held a fashion event. At the event, three female stars, Wu Xuanyi, Song Yi and Jike Junyi, were invited to help out, although each of the three beauties was very distinctive. , The charm is different, but it may be because they are worn in accordance with the requirements of the brand, so the clothing matching can not well highlight their own style.

It is reported that the brand broke up with Yang Mi because of the map problem. Yang Mi chose to voluntarily terminate the contract. Now that the map incident has passed for a year, the brand has also found a younger Wu Xuanyi as its brand ambassador. . But looking at Wu Xuanyi’s outfit, it is really a bit of dirt and dregs, and there is no aura at all.

Of course, the figure of the female star is naturally impeccable, but from the perspective of the refined photos, Wu Xuanyi does not seem to have much energy, so the pictures on the scene of the event are even more difficult to describe. Because Wu Xuanyi itself is not particularly white, wearing bright yellow clothes, his skin color is a little dark, coupled with the enigmatic lighting on the scene, it completely strengthens Wu Xuanyi’s original skin color, and the color combination of yellow and black. , It also seems a bit old-fashioned. A huge bag looks a bit overwhelming and lacks a sense of refinement.

Song Yi, who is competing in the same scene, is much better. Although the way of dressing is the same, the pink skirt that Song Yi chose is playful and cute. A bag of moderate size also adjusts the entire proportion in a very coordinated manner. Coupled with Song Yi’s fairer complexion, although the whole person can’t be said to be amazing, it can still be seen among the three female stars in attendance.

Let’s look at another Jike Junyi who has a healthy skin tone. His black and white color scheme looks a bit cool, but the facial condition is good, but the color scheme of the whole body is quite satisfactory. There is nothing special about it. The place did not reflect his usual special cases alone, even if it was nothing.

In fact, the competitive pressure of female celebrities is really great. No matter when they attend the event, as long as there are other celebrities participating, they will inevitably be compared. Whoever is in good shape and whose match is more brilliant will often become Yan pressure side. Of course, female celebrities often have to spend a lot of thoughts on dressing for this. However, although female celebrities occasionally encounter death lights similar to this time, or endless unexpected situations, who can really handle it? It was the winner who had the last laugh, and in this event, who was the better one among the female celebrities?


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