Yang Mi's recent photos show an old look, and there are strange folds above his eyes. Could it be a sequelae of plastic surgery?

Yang Mi’s recent photos show an old look, and there are strange folds above his eyes. Could it be a sequelae of plastic surgery?

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When it comes to “internal entertainment ceiling”, fans believe that their own artists can be called such a title. Artists often mentioned include Liu Yifei and Di Lieba, as well as Cecilia Cheung and Fan Bingbing. Such female artists often have amazing beauty, and at the same time have a lot of beauty. The beauty is at the top level in the entertainment circle, and even the beauty goes abroad.

Yang Mi has been called “Goddess” since his debut, even if he is thirty-four years old, he is still the sexy goddess in the minds of countless people. Her charm can be described as “sweet and salty”. She looks sweet and exquisite, and her figure is convex and backward. I am afraid that even girls will be fascinated by her! Yang Mi’s team will often market her beauty and girlyness to her, so that the public pays a lot of attention to her appearance, and passers-by will comment: absolutely!

But just recently, she has been complained and suspected by netizens. What is going on? From the related content, the overall state of Yang Mi in the video is not bad, and the black hair and red lips have the temperament of a royal sister. She also adopted an all-black exquisite outfit, even if she didn’t speak, her aura was very strong. The big wave hairstyle is perfect, the makeup is also more delicate, but her skin condition is not very good.

In addition to some obvious nasolabial folds, there is even a depression on the eyelids, as well as a wrinkle. Whether it is from a distance or close-up view, it is very weird. There is no aesthetic feeling, so it sparked discussion among netizens. This fold is not like a double eyelid fold, nor is it like a scar, it even reflects white light under the light. But Yang Mi’s other eye was normal, and no similar wrinkles appeared at all. The contrast was even more obvious.

You must know that her pair of electric eyes is famous. Many people think that her eyes are the “weapon” of beauty, but this time, they have become the “culprit” of degrading appearance. Not only does it look very asymmetrical, it even adds to the old attitude, making Yang Mi lose the girlishness of the past. Except that her eyes were not right, she kept covering her chin when she spoke, as if she was deliberately covering the front of her neck.

From a close-up view, we can actually see her neck wrinkles are quite obvious. After all, she is not young, which is normal. Netizens think that she is really old, not as smart and sweet as before. At the same time, they suspect that she is moving her face again, and even guess that the folds on the eyes are the sequelae of plastic surgery! It is not difficult to find that although most of the stars are bright and beautiful, but they will also appear when the state is particularly bad. After all, the work is turned upside down day and night, and no matter how maintenance it is, it will be exposed.

Take Yang Mi as an example, her beauty seems to have been unstable, sometimes so beautiful that she is astonishing, and sometimes ugly photos taken. There are also many news about her plastic surgery on the Internet, and netizens can even cut out a few weird photos, but she has always denied the news, saying that she just had a tooth extracted. But netizens definitely didn’t believe it, so they complained for many years, and Yang Mi did not reply to this.

Although the current news of plastic surgery has not been hammered out, the public will occasionally discuss it. Compared with the “head changing” of some stars, even if Yang Mi is undergoing plastic surgery, such fine-tuning can be accepted by the public. After all, Yang Mi has been a beauty child since he was a child. In fact, the public doesn’t need to be so strict with her. After all, she has already given birth to a child and has reached middle age. It is very difficult to be in this state.

When you are young, everybody’s face is full of collagen, and there will definitely be some differences from the middle age. Yang Mi is also often busy with work, strictly controlling his weight, and being able to keep the status of “goddess” is commendable. Regardless of whether she has had plastic surgery or the sequelae of plastic surgery, I hope that everyone will be more tolerant of her and focus more on her work instead of making comments on others’ appearance.


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