Yang Mi wore a black long skirt to shoot a blockbuster, and the shoulder strap design was super creative, and he showed a beautiful figure in 360 degrees.

Yang Mi wore a black long skirt to shoot a blockbuster, and the shoulder strap design was super creative, and he showed a beautiful figure in 360 degrees.

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Introduction: Black-toned clothes always give people a glamorous and noble feeling, especially when worn on girls, they all raise the whole person’s aura and show their figure. But this still depends on who you wear. If you have darker skin, then it is not suitable to wear clothes of too cool color. On the contrary, if the person wearing clothes is tall and tall, then black clothes will be more good at Enlarging its advantages, such as wearing it on Yang Mi’s body, it can be said to be tailor-made!

Recently, Yang Mi’s black dress skirt has attracted strong attention from fans. From the photos, Yang Mi is in a mansion with a strong sense of space. The background style is very consistent with her temperament at the time of shooting. From the photographer In terms of the concept, it is to shoot a group of noble ladies, so Yang Mi’s natural good figure will naturally come in handy.

Yang Mi’s facial features are well-defined, which is exactly the natural “movie face” that many directors say. Although he is already Xiao Nuomi’s mother, there is no trace of extra fat in the photos. His body is quite well-proportioned, and it will not make people. I feel too skinny and skinny, and it doesn’t make people feel too fat or bloated. This is the ratio, which satisfies boys’ illusions about girls’ perfect body.

Yang Mi made a “big wave” of curly hair that day, which fully demonstrated the sense of sight of the hostess of the luxury house, and the black dress dress she wore was also very unique, with the shoulder straps appearing wider than ordinary skirts. Like a bow tie on the chest, the skirt looks very close when worn on Yang Mi’s body. It should be tailored for her. In addition to the skirt design, Yang Mi’s shoes and gloves are also black. In the overall matching design Played a finishing touch!

In addition to clothing design and indoor background, the most important thing in taking photos is the transmission of eyes. All artistic conceptions must be expressed from the eyes of the model. Photos are different from videos. Every sentence the photographer wants to present must pass through the body of the model. The language is passed to the user, this is naturally not too big a problem for Yang Mi, who is superb in acting. The moment she looks at the camera, she has already shown the queen’s aura to the fullest. Because the aura is too strong, it is very powerful. A sense of sight that can only be seen from a distance, not to be playful, this is also the most critical place when taking photos of Queen Fan!

When it comes to the curvaceous beauty of women, in addition to the blindly concave shape, it is necessary to express the connotation of this dress. The photographer here designed a small shape for Yang Mi, such as photographing Yang Mi from the mirror with his back against the bed cabinet. On the one hand, it shows Yang Mi’s good figure from different angles. On the other hand, through the principle of mirror photography, more indoor furnishings are passed on to the viewer, making the whole character look more three-dimensional and giving fans more Space for imagination!

Summary: People often say that people rely on clothes, horses, and saddles. This is true, because when a big beauty who is inherently beautiful is paired with a well-fitting dress, she will naturally take advantage of her advantage immediately, but her temperament is a kind of temperament. Conservation that permeates from the inside out. Therefore, good-looking girls must not only pursue perfection in appearance, but also pay attention to their own internal cultivation, so that they can interpret the word beauty more accurately. Just like our goddess Yang Mi, everything will be beautiful in everything, everyone. Do you like Yang Mi’s look? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!


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