Yang Mi returned to the filming location of Shili Peach Blossom, and only remembered after several confirmations, can he return to the Baiqian period?

Yang Mi returned to the filming location of Shili Peach Blossom, and only remembered after several confirmations, can he return to the Baiqian period?

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Sansheng III Shili Peach Blossom must have been a very hot fairy tale drama that everyone was chasing at the time. The love between Yang Mi and Zhao Youting Sansheng III also made many people talk about it. Now there are still people who hope that aunt and uncle can cooperate again. Unexpectedly, after several years, Yang Mi and Shili Taohua would be able to interact again. In the latest issue of “Escape”, the program team returned to the filming location of Shili Peach Blossom. This issue was also the subject of ancient costumes, so when Yang Mi appeared on the stage, many people dreamed of her in the Baiqian period.Yang Mi almost forgot where this is

Although there was a little controversy during the publicity of this issue of Escape, Yang Mi and Deng Lun’s poster light and shadow effects are suspected of plagiarizing Chen Xiao and Liu Yifei’s “Meng Hua Lu”. Indeed, the tones and overlap of the two are very similar. I still hope that the program group can give an explanation. Apart from this small episode, the program of this issue is very exciting. Yang Mi has returned to the filming location of Shili Peach Blossoms, so many Drama fans are excited.

And it happened to be the Fox Cave where most of Yang Mi’s plays were shot here. At that time, Bai Qian and Ye Hua also had a sweet love relationship here. Recalling the plot of the year, many fans still feel that the grandfather is back. But apart from the excitement of the fans, Yang Mi himself was not emotional, and he didn’t even remember where it was. After watching the scene two or three times, he was convinced that he was back here.

This is still a bit sad for the fans, because Bai Qian is a very classic role of Yang Mi. Even now, many actresses cannot replace Yang Mi’s fit with Bai Qian in everyone’s hearts. After watching the complete “Sansheng After “The Three Times Ten Miles of Peach Blossom”, everyone felt that Yang Mi was no longer in vain. Now Yang Mi can’t remember this shooting location, and it seems that she doesn’t miss Bai Qian very much either.

Even when it was introduced, it was introduced by Deng Lun as a tour guide. It stands to reason that Yang Mi is more familiar with this place. After all, he has been in the crew for a long time. It should be better to wait for her to introduce the show, but anyway, Yang Mi re-entered this shooting location, and many fans thought it was amazing. And it just so happened that it was in the form of ancient costume.

Perhaps Bai Qian is only one of the roles she has played in Yang Mi’s eyes. Even if she returns to her own territory, she does not emphasize the personality too much. The program group is also very mindful. Yang Mi also arranged a fan as the overall shape. At the beginning, Bai Qian’s instrument was the Yuqing Kunlun fan. Seeing Yang Mi shaking the fan in the show, it actually reminds people of Bai Qian shaking the fan. Stance.

The one who can’t go back is the Baiqian period

Everyone felt that Yang Mi walked into the shooting site again, as if Bai Qian went home, but everyone did not realize that Yang Mi seemed to be unable to return to Bai Qian’s peak period. Whether it was his appearance or temperament, he was better than Bai. The shallow period is a bit worse. When Yang Mi played Bai Qian, both Hu Mei and arrogance were performed, but in the show, Yang Mi was not like that.

It can be seen that Yang Mi’s dress is rough this time. After all, it is understandable not for filming, but Yang Mi’s appearance and aura in shooting Sansheng have also dropped a lot. When I first took Sansheng, Yang Mi was well maintained, but now Yang Mi’s face can indeed be seen to have lost a lot of collagen, and many of the postures are not as elegant and lazy as in the white and shallow period.

It is possible that Yang Mi has not entered the state, but it is also possible that Yang Mi cannot return to this state, and she may not have noticed it herself. In recent years, Yang Mi has rarely taken costume dramas, but more modern dramas. Maybe he feels that he doesn’t have the charm of his peak period, but anyway, Yang Mi’s return to Fox Cave to do shows is also a good thing for fans. Linkage. No matter how she is now, the original whiteness is still irreplaceable.

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