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Yang Mi is only one step away from “Feng Shen”, why does “Assassination of Novelists” have the potential to become popular, but not the life

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How to describe Yang Mi, that is, “the works are continuous, the scandals are endless, and the gods are still one step away”

Yang Mi has been a beautiful little girl since she was a child. Her parents wanted her to be versatile. Initially, they enrolled her in various piano training courses, but Yang Mi, who was very active by nature, always looked like a little rabbit, happy and not quiet. The dream of her parents to train her to become a quiet little girl was shattered.

She couldn’t learn piano, and her family had to give up on her. Little Yang Mi didn’t expect Xiao Yang Mi to be interested in film and television drama performances at the time. When her parents saw that she saw the characters in TV dramas, she always had a super ability to imitate, so she hit the iron while it was hot and reported to her. A training class for young actors.

Sure enough, “Talents and hobbies are very important.” In the young actor training class, Yang Mi, who was just 4 years old, showed her talent as an actor. Soon she was selected by the famous director Chen Jialin and starred in the TV series “Tang Minghuang”. princess.

Two years later, the 6-year-old Yang Mi was selected by Stephen Chow to play the daughter of Stephen Chow in the movie “Wu Zhuangyuan Su Qier”.

Even though there were not many works in his childhood, Yang Mi’s title of “famous child star” is very stable by cooperating with powerful artists such as Liu Wei and Zhou Xingchi.

In 2005, Yang Mi was admitted to Nortel’s Performance Department with the first grade in professional courses. Because of her reputation, she was a student and was frequently invited by various crews.

During his college years, Yang Mi’s first relatively well-known work was Zhang Jizhong’s version of “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”. Yang Mi played the eccentric Guo Xiang in the play, leaving a deep impression on the audience.

In the junior year, Yang Mi participated in the costume TV drama “Wang Zhaojun” as the absolute female number one. At that time, the popularity was getting more and more popular, but there was still a long way to go from the position of the first-line actress.

However, the media is also very optimistic about Yang Mi’s unlimited potential in the entertainment industry. In 2009, Yang Mi, Mu Tingting, Liu Shishi, and Yuan Shanshan were named the “Four Little Girls”.

The work that really made Yang Mi a first-line actress was the 2011 “Pong Lock Heart Jade”. This TV series achieved the highest ratings of Hunan Satellite TV that year. Yang Mi also won the 17th Shanghai TV series with this work. Magnolia audience’s favorite actress award.

Popularity is getting higher and higher. The male actors who cooperate with Yang Mi are also popular artists in the entertainment circle. What people did not expect is Yang Mi, who is young, and when he cooperated with Hong Kong artist Hawick Lau, he became too involved in the drama because of the drama. Fall in love fast.

Although the two people are 12 years apart, their relationship is not favored, but one year after their relationship was announced, they chose to hold their wedding in Bali, Indonesia.

The wedding at that time became the focus of the entire entertainment circle, and Yang Mi became the happiest bride.

However, who could have imagined that at the end of 2018, the two officially announced their divorce. The threshold of the “seven-year itch” has not passed, which makes people embarrassed. The divorce between the two is only a pity for daughter Xiao Nuomi.

There are many popular people. Yang Mi has been too popular in recent years. He is the “gossip queen” in the entertainment industry. After the divorce, Yang Mi has been rumored with many male stars, such as Huang Xuan, Li Yifeng, Wei Daxun, etc. From beginning to end, Yang Mi denied these romances.

Although Yang Mi is always right and wrong, she has not been affected by various rumors and rumors from the outside world, and she always keeps her feet on the ground to do every job well.

After the divorce, Yang Mi has continued to make excellent works in the field of TV dramas. For example, the workplace drama “Dear Translator” she starred in won the annual ratings champion.

In 2017, she starred in the TV series “Three Lives III and Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms”, which is her pinnacle in the field of TV dramas. This TV series not only achieved super high ratings, but also Yang Mi’s performance received many praises, such as the most praise. It is “plastic acting”.

Yang Mi has become an out-and-out “first sister” in the field of TV dramas, and has even reached the point of “approving the gods”. Yang Mi has begun a new exploration and knowledge, that is, “breaking through the film field.”

As an outstanding student of Beijing Film Academy, if there is no masterpiece in the field of film, it is indeed a little ironic.

In recent years, Yang Mi has made many movies, probably because of Yang Mi’s high popularity. The box office performance of these movies is very impressive, but the reputation is not satisfactory, such as the “Little Times” series of movies.

Although he has been criticized in the field of film, Yang Mi, who looks weak in appearance, shows a very stubborn side, always trying to prove himself in the field of film.

So there are word-of-mouth movies such as “Rescue Against Time” and “Xiuchun Dao II: Asura Battlefield”. These movies can see Yang Mi’s progress with the naked eye. However, she is said to be the top actress of the movie and cannot be convinced by movie fans. There is still a long way to go.

When it was still 2020, there was a movie that was scheduled to be released early on February 12, 2021, which is the New Year’s Day of the Year of the Ox. The fact that the movie can be released on this popular schedule is enough to show the producer’s interest in this movie. Have great expectations. This movie is “Assassination of Novelists”.

This film is adapted from the short novel “Assassination of Novelists” by Shuang Xuetao. After the novel was released, it was popular on the Internet and adapted into a movie, which naturally attracted the expectations of fans of novels and film fans.

The producer also attached great importance to the film. In 2016, when you told the truth, a press conference was organized. The famous directors Zhang Yibai, Lu Chuan, and Lu Yang formed the “One Horse Pingchuan” group and announced that they would focus on creating the “Assassination of Novelists”. the film.

This movie can be said to be a work of “grinding a sword in four years”, especially after the heroine is assumed by Yang Mi, the fans’ expectations are also higher, so whether Yang Mi can use this film to conjure the gods in the film field, fans look forward to it again stand up.

In fact, Yang Mi also paid special attention to this movie, which can be seen through various “unusual” details.

As an authentic “Beijing girl”, Yang Mi has been in the entertainment industry for more than ten years. One regret is that he has never been to the Spring Festival Gala.

Is Yang Mi lacking this strength? If you think about it this way, it would be too small to underestimate Yang Mi. Yang Mi has participated in so many film and television dramas over the years, and has also sung theme songs for many film and television dramas.

Yang Mi, who can sing and act, is absolutely qualified and able to go to the Spring Festival Gala, but she is too popular. She spends most of the year on the set, so there is no time to participate in the Spring Festival Gala rehearsal.

However, at the end of 2020, the media reported that Yang Mi participated in the Spring Festival Gala for the first time. Soon Yang Mi’s father posted a post on his personal social media, expressing his happiness for his daughter to participate in the Spring Festival Gala.

Why did Yang Mi participate in this year’s Spring Festival Gala? As long as you know that the movie “Assassination of the Novelist” starring in her was released on New Year’s Day, you will understand why. Because the Spring Festival Gala is a program that people all over the country pay attention to, it is the best way to promote yourself.

Take a look at the movies released on the first day of the Lunar New Year this year, such as “Crowd Crowd”, “Detective Chinatown 3”, “Hello, Li Huanying” and so on. The relevant artists of each movie can be promoted on the Spring Festival Gala. Of course, Yang Mi will not. Miss this great publicity opportunity.

So on the evening of February 11, 2021, everyone saw Yang Mi who was on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala for the first time, so beautiful, like an elf girl!

Finally waiting for the first day of the new year, fans who like Yang Mi naturally look forward to this movie to continue to bring good news to everyone. Soon the professional version of Maoyan will be released at 13:13:16 on February 12, the movie “Assassination of Novelists” The box office broke 100 million.

This news really made Yang Mi’s fans and the audience who liked the movie happy for a while, to be exact, it was only 4 hours.

Soon, I was shocked by another news.

Maoyan Professional announced that at 17:27:03 on February 12, the movie “Detective Chinatown 3” had a gross box office of 1 billion, and the film’s box office score broke the fastest record of 1 billion in history.

If you look at the box office results of “Assassination Novelist” alone, it is still okay, but compared with “Detective Chinatown 3”, it looks very bad, but before the original movie was released, this result was unexpected. Because whether it is the storyline or the cast, “Assassination of the Novelist” does not lose to the latter.

After talking about the box office results, let’s talk about the reputation of the movie.

The score on Douban reached 7.2 points, which is not very high, but it is not bad.

Let’s make a horizontal comparison. It’s not as good as your box office score for “Detective Chinatown 3”. Let’s take a look at the word-of-mouth. “Detective Chinatown 3” has a Douban score of 6.1 points, and “Assassination of Novelists” is slightly better. However, this is not worthy of joy, because it needs to be expanded to extend the comparison.

The Douban score of “Hello, Li Huanying” released in the same period was 8.2 points, which is a very high score, even if the theme of “Rushing Crowd” was 7.5 points.

The result of comprehensive comparison shows that “Assassination of Novelists” is not a winner, whether it is box office performance or word of mouth, and it has not reached top results in all aspects.

In addition to Yang Mi, the cast of “Assassination Novelist” also has powerful actors such as Guo Jingfei and Lei Jiayin. In addition to the reliable cast, the story is also very exciting and has the potential to become popular, but now there is no such thing as a popular life. With emotion, what’s wrong with “Assassination of Novelists”?

Let’s take a look at the comments of the public on this movie. Fans generally think that the story of this movie is still not popular. It seems that the director has put more energy on special effects production instead of telling the story well.

In fact, this movie is very important to Yang Mi. Through the various hard publicity before the release, we can see how much her expectations are. Now we can only say “the expectations are as great as the disappointments.” It seems that Yang Mi thinks It is still a step away from being “Feng Shen” in the film industry, or a work of word of mouth.

However, Yang Mi, who is just over 30 years old, is in the golden age of his career. The future is promising. Do you look forward to Yang Mi’s “shenzhen” moment?



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