Yang Mi: If you can't defeat me, it will eventually make me stronger

Yang Mi: If you can’t defeat me, it will eventually make me stronger

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As the most popular star Yang Mi,

Over the years, the popularity has not diminished and the traffic has continued,

Even overwhelming younger generations,

Become a well-deserved super first-line female star.

The popularity of “Gong” made many people think that Yang Mi was just by chance and luck, so he was promoted to the top.

But is this really the case?

“Gong” is indeed a very important turning point in Yang Mi’s life.

This drama was ranked first in the ratings at the moment it was broadcast.

A frenzy of the theme of “traveling through the palace of the Qing Dynasty” started.

Since the fiery broadcast of “The Palace”,

Yang Mi quickly became the new first-line actress. The posters, whose names appear in the streets and alleys everywhere, can be regarded as a real household name.

In fact, many people don’t know,

Yang Mi’s star journey was not as smooth as it seemed, and it went through many twists and turns.

Behind the fame are countless hardships.

Before “The Palace”, Yang Mi had already officially filmed a lot of dramas.

Since Yang Mi had a talent and interest in acting when he was a child,

Yang Mi performed for the first time when he was four years old, playing the role of “Princess Xianyi”;

When he was six years old, he starred in “Monkey Baby”.

These childhood experiences have provided confidence and foundation for Yang Mi to move towards performing arts in the future.

In junior high school, due to academic reasons, Yang Mi did not continue filming and concentrated on studying.

Later, on the recommendation of others, Yang Mi sent his photo to the “Ruili” fashion magazine and was selected as a plane model;

I believe that Yang Mi at this time has made up his mind to step into the entertainment circle.

After that, although she has also starred in some works and played some roles, but these have not made her fire.

The actor who is not popular is that no one will pay too much attention and care;

Sometimes Yang Mi will be reprimanded by the director for making mistakes.

It is precisely because of the tempering of the unknown period,

In order to achieve the well-known Yang Mi now.

Although filming outside all the year round, Yang Mi will also work hard to learn his own professional and cultural courses.

After that, everyone is most familiar.

Yang Mi participated in the school examination of Beijing Film Academy, stood out among thousands of candidates, and achieved good results in the first place in professional courses.

Strength is the biggest capital, and gold shines everywhere.

With the training of professional colleges, coupled with Yang Mi’s own intelligence and hard work, it is only a matter of time before being discovered.

After that, Yang Mi participated in many works,

Such as “Liao Zhai Zhiyi: Xiao Qian”, “Living to Live with a Smile”, etc.

Until Yang Mi was invited by the director to shoot “Legend of Sword and Fairy”.

The popular broadcast of “Legend of Sword and Fairy” also gave Yang Mi a lot of fame and fans.

“Legend of Sword and Fairy 3” is not only a turning point in Yang Mi’s acting career, but also a turning point in Yang Mi’s change of his mentality.

In the play, Yang Mi wants to play two roles alone, and the two roles need to be distinguished.

The increasing difficulty of interpretation is a challenge and an experience for Yang Mi.

In fact, Yang Mi successfully played these two roles

With the fire of “Sword 3”, Yang Mi’s popularity rose rapidly, and Weibo fans and topic clicks surged.

Mo Xueyuan, played by Yang Mi in “Beauty Scheming”,

Although it is a supporting role,

But because of Yang Mi’s own excellent acting skills,

In addition to the unique charm of the character “Mo Xueyuan”,

It has gained a large number of fans,

It left a deep impression on the audience and increased the nationality.

We can see that Yang Mi is not the debut and the peak, but also step by step from a supporting role to today.

These two dramas can also be said to provide a lead for Yang Mi’s overnight fame.

The following is something that everyone is familiar with.

In 2011, the TV series “Palace” has been ranked first in China’s simultaneous ratings since its inception.

Passing through the Qing Palace instantly became the subject of various TV dramas.

Since then, through dramas have appeared in endlessly, but they are far less than the deep impression that “Palace” brings to the audience.

“The Support of Love” sung by Yang Mi has become a cover song for everyone.

Yang Mi is indispensable on the major data lists.

It is enough to show how popular Yang Mi was at that time.

Although being popular is a rare opportunity,

But it is not an easy task to be able to establish a foothold in the entertainment industry that is changing so quickly for many years; it is also rare to keep the frontline position unabated.

The reason why Yang Mi can become popular in the entertainment industry,

In addition to acting and chance,

The mind is also an essential key.

As Yang Mi who doesn’t go to variety shows and is not always active in film and television,

Why can you keep your own heat and always catch up with newcomers?

The key is that Yang Mi is never satisfied with the status quo, but has a precise and long-term vision.

Survival in the entertainment industry does not depend on being alone. Although it is a hero, teamwork can be more powerful.

Subordinate artists such as Di Lieba and Gao Weiguang have also contributed to Yang Mi’s career development.

In addition, Yang Mi’s attitude towards life is also very worthy of our study and reference.

In a variety show, when Yang Mi was asked by the host who was the most popular “Four Little Flower Dan”,

Yang Mi said, “Everyone has their own fields.”

She did not say any false flattery, nor did she offend anyone.

In the variety show “Relax My Dear”,

The host Zhang Da said to Yang Mi:

“When I posted to Moments to describe my hard work, why did you comment on me a question mark? Are you not very good at saying that you really worked hard?”

Yang Mi did not say any compliments,

Instead, he pointed to the crowded road outside the window and said:

“Look down, everyone is very hard, so why do you want others to understand your hard work?”

Although the words sound realistic, but this kind of “poisonous chicken soup” can really enable many people to grow up quickly, learn to be strong, and no longer “glass hearts”.

Although the reality is cruel and merciless,

But we can stay awake only in pain.

Although this sentence is silly, but it can also keep people motivated.

Yang Mi’s success is not accidental,

The brilliance on TV nowadays is Yang Mi’s own accumulation.

No one’s success is easy.

As Yang Mi said:

“We only saw the glow of the firefly, but we didn’t see its wings flapping desperately behind it.”


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