Yang Mi exposed the unspoken rules of the entertainment industry and said that he had encountered it.Many celebrities have experiences when they first debuted

Yang Mi exposed the unspoken rules of the entertainment industry and said that he had encountered it.Many celebrities have experiences when they first debuted

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Although everyone knows that there are hidden rules in the entertainment industry, and many stars have had such experiences when they first debuted, few people are willing to share this unbearable past in public. Because they still want to continue to wander in this circle, if overexposing the unspoken rules in the circle is not good for them at all, but Yang Mi did such a thing before it became popular, and it has caused an uproar.

To say that Yang Mi’s current position in the entertainment industry is really a well-deserved top actress. Acting, singing, opening a studio, participating in various variety shows, the exposure rate is getting higher and higher, and the popularity and topics continue. High rise. Compared with the female stars who debuted at the same time, Yang Mi’s development is quite smooth, but all of this is inseparable from her hard work, and Yang Mi’s emotional intelligence is particularly high, no matter what kind of controversy and complaints can be effective Solved, that’s why it will get the current fame and fortune.

At the beginning, Yang Mi became popular all night because of the filming of the drama “The Palace”. Before that, although Yang Mi had also appeared in TV series, he could only be regarded as a half-red actress, so in the interview scene No matter what topic you are facing, you can take it over, and you dare to talk about everything. When interviewed by reporters at that time, Yang Mi even took the initiative to mention the topic of unspoken rules and talked about some unspoken rules that he knew.

In Yang Mi’s original words, she herself had encountered unspoken rules, but she refused. According to what she knew, as long as the actresses are willing to sleep with the director, they can get the role they want, although Yang Mi didn’t do this, but she was very clear about the situation. After all, she had no right to speak in the entertainment circle at that time, so she could only try to keep her original aspirations, and don’t let these messy things affect her dream pursuit. the road.

Fortunately, Yang Mi was not particularly popular at that time, so although this video attracted the attention of some netizens, it did not cause much fluctuation. It is estimated that even the people who interviewed Yang Mi did not expect that she would dare to speak so boldly. If she accidentally exposes some inside story and offends others, then Yang Mi will be in trouble if she wants to continue to develop in the entertainment industry. But to put it another way, it is precisely because of what Yang Mi said in public that everyone began to understand some of the inside story of the entertainment industry. They also know that being a star is just superficial glory, and real life is not what everyone seems to be. Scenery.

The current position of Yang Mi in the entertainment industry is enviable and unattainable by many people, and being able to own everything today has a lot to do with Yang Mi’s dedication. Whether it’s love, marriage or having a daughter, it doesn’t affect his career. , And Yang Mi seems to have never disappeared from the screen, always maintaining his high exposure. In addition to conquering everyone with acting skills and strength, he has also taken over many brand endorsements, and the development in all fields is very balanced.

However, recently, it seems that Yang Mi has been stationed in variety shows more often. Some netizens have complained before. Yang Mi has now become a variety show cafe, but this only shows that her popularity is high, there are many topics, and she is in variety shows and can Face all kinds of speech. Without high emotional intelligence, it would be impossible to reach such a high level and would not receive so many invitations for variety shows.

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