Yamaha Jog 2021

Yamaha’s ‘rookie dinosaur’ debuted at a suffocating price, are Honda Vision and SH considered a rival?

(Techz.vn) Yamaha’s new dinosaur rookie has a starting price of only 36.77 million, making people unable to panic.

Recently, two models of Yamaha Jog 2021 scooter were introduced by Yamaha in the Japanese market. Compared to its predecessor, the Yamaha Jog 2021 does not have many changes in design and engine block. However, the Yamaha Jog 2021 adds new paint color options, giving this scooter a more eye-catching look.

Yamaha Jog 2021

Yamaha Jog 2021 owns a modern, stylish, urban scooter design with a sharpened front end while the body of the car possesses rounded lines. Many people believe that the design of the Yamaha Jog 2021 is quite similar to the Honda Lead model currently being distributed in the Vietnamese market.

Yamaha Jog 2021
Yamaha Jog 2021 has a modern design, an urban scooter model

The new paint color options of the Yamaha Jog 2021 include metallic blue with orange graphics and brown with white graphics. In addition, the previous color options such as silver, graphite black and white continue to be available in the Japanese market.

Yamaha Jog 2021
Yamaha Jog 2021 is added with color options

Yamaha Jog 2021 uses a 49cc single-cylinder SOHC engine, water-cooled, producing a maximum capacity of 4.5 hp at 8,000 rpm and maximum torque 0 , 42 kg-m at 6,000 rpm. Currently, the car is being sold to the market at 170,500 yen (equivalent to 36.77 million VND). Thus, it can be seen that the selling price of the Yamaha Jog 2021 is quite high compared to Honda Vision or Honda Lead in Vietnam.

Yamaha Jog 2021
Yamaha Jog 2021 is priced at 36.77 million dong

Many people believe that with its unique design, the Yamaha Jog 2021 is enough to compete with popular gas models in Vietnam such as Honda Vision, Honda SH or Air Blade. However, the Yamaha Jog 2021 belongs to the 50cc scooter segment, so this model will definitely not be able to “match” the above models if imported to the Vietnamese market.


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