YAMAHA “SR400” Japan’s Medieval price is the top three times!

The “Motorcycle King”, which specializes in the sale of used car models in Japan, recently announced the “Used Car Price” ranking list. This ranking is mainly based on the transactions between September and November last year (2020). The top ten with the highest transaction price are selected from “Motorcycles with higher prices for resale”.

Under normal circumstances, the higher-priced motorcycles at the time of resale are those with higher demand = popular models, and this time (35th) YAMAHA SR400 topped the list. In addition, HONDA CT125 Hunter Cub airborne second place in its first appearance, and the top three scores exceeded 90 points.

SR400 won the first place in the 30th edition for the first time, and then took the lead in the 33rd edition. This 35th edition is the third time the SR400 has won. Since the SR400 is a classic model with no major changes in appearance since its launch in 1978, it is a model that has been in high demand in the second-hand market.

In addition, in 2017, as Japan’s Heisei 28 exhaust gas emission standards were put on the road, production was once suspended, and then re-sold in November 2018. However, this year (2021) announced the release of the final version and stopped production and entered history. I believe in the future. There will be a new wave of upward movements in prices.

In addition, the CT125 Hunter Cub made its first appearance in this ranking and dropped to the second place. The reason is that the CT125 Hunter Cub is based on the Super Cub C125 to enhance off-road performance. Its function further expands people’s entertainment enjoyment and allows people to go outdoors. Another way for leisure travel or camping.

In this ranking, 6 of the top 10 models are cars (400cc and below) that can be ridden with a normal two-wheel driver’s license in Japan. This result has a lot to do with large cars. , 400cc models are lighter in weight and low maintenance costs, so they are gradually becoming popular among novice riders.

Overall ranking

Ranking of each displacement range

・Original payment 1 type and original payment 2 types (125cc or less)

・Motorcycle (126~250cc)

・Medium-sized motorcycle (251~400cc)

・Large motorcycles (over 400cc)

Calculation standard

・Car models sold by the four Japanese manufacturers in Japan (as of January 2021, excluding reverse-imported models)
・The sales price of a new car is based on the January 2021 price. If the price differs depending on the color, etc., the lowest price is used as the basis
・If the vehicle is modified, the latest model shall prevail

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YAMAHA “SR400” Japan’s medieval price is the king!

The “Motorcycle King”, which specializes in the sale of used car models in Japan, recently announced the “Used Car Price” ranking list. This ranking list… continue reading

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