Yamaha is about to launch a 'blockbuster' motor using a 3-cylinder engine?

Yamaha is about to launch a ‘blockbuster’ motor using a 3-cylinder engine?

(Techz.vn) A motor model that is said to have a 3-cylinder engine is being developed by Yamaha.

Accordingly, Gazzeta.it (Italian media) has revealed a rumor regarding the development of the Yamaha R25 / R3 model with a 3-cylinder engine – the engine block has been used on large models such as MT-09.

In fact, these rumors appeared two years ago, before the new Yamaha R3 version was released. In the 250-300cc segment, the appearance of 250cc 4-cylinder Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R has made a clear difference from Japanese brands. The next generation of CBR250RR has the new 4-cylinder engine, or even the latest 2-cylinder V-Twin engine, has become a hotly debated issue for car enthusiasts.

According to foreign media analysis, it is highly likely that Yamaha will implement this plan. Accordingly, this car company will choose Indonesia as the main production base as well as previous generations. This is entirely possible with Yamaha. It can apply the MT-09 engine’s axle and modify it to a size smaller than 250-300cc. This structure will help the car to be able to accelerate more in water compared to a 4-cylinder engine and have a better speed in the rear than a 2-cylinder engine. In addition to the engine being more likely to accelerate, this structure also produces a unique sound. This is also the great engine design that Yamaha owns.

However, these rumors have not been confirmed. Currently, Yamaha has not released information about this new generation model.


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