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TMAX’s powerful muscle lines, ample power and excellent equipment have become the flagship benchmark of the sports sheep. It is also the upgrade goal of many car enthusiasts who love sports. The white brand water-cooled running brigade FORCE 155, also from YAMAHA, seizes the white brand water-cooled market with its youthful positioning and price. The car to be introduced today is from the hands of Wei Zhanhao. Although the owner already owns a TMAX, he still wants to build a FORCE that is different from others, and thus this “sleeping beast” was born. Next, let Moto7 take you to explore this high-profile FORCE 155.

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Today’s protagonist is YAMAHA FORCE 155, which has a strong conversion potential.

The large-scale blue car shell with golden parts gives a lively and dynamic impression. The front of the car uses the JSTC forward-moving goggles group and rear-view mirror forward-moving kit to fill the emptiness of the FORCE original head and effectively reduce the wind group during high-speed cruise. The wide factory ghost mask at the bottom is matched with the four lucky eyes of Haoyun, and the large blue muscle lines and fisheye headlights create a sharp image. The shark fins on the side of the car and the front fixed wings are responsible for embellishment, creating a sharper and tighter visual effect.

The large blue area of ​​the car body is added with gold embellishment, and the contrasting color matching impact creates a dynamic impression.

The JSTC forward-moving goggles group fills the holes in the original FORCE front, and can effectively reduce wind resistance during high-speed cruising. Although the fixed wind wing below has little actual benefit, it can add a sense of movement to the vehicle.

Four magic eye headlights make the front of the car more charming. The fixed wind wing under the headlights was transplanted from the R3 modification kit, with a bit of murderousness.

The ONES keel kit is installed in the middle of the pedal. Although it sacrifices the convenient foot space of FORCE, it also makes the overall appearance more towards the sports sheep. The rear wide factory TMAX wide body maintains the style of the whole vehicle, adopts a large area of ​​blue paint, and continues the clean and clean lines of the front. The decorative design of the tail shell with heat dissipation holes adds mechanical breath to the rear of the car and extends to the rear wing above the tail lights. The owner also moved the card frame down to the rear wheel, and used the rocker arm of the CNC 12cm kit of the rear-moving headquarters to deepen the sense of heavy vehicle of FORCE.

Although the keel kit sacrifices foot space, it can bring out a stronger sense of exercise. The upper MOTOR strengthened platform allows the frame to perform better.

MT09s tail lights and the license plate after moving down, make the rear of the car more clean.

Rocker arm shift kit, with a laser label printed directly on the top of the kit.

The double outlet exhaust pipe is an optional accessory designed by Akrapovic for TMAX. It is modified and fitted with FORCE, with a 12 cm rearward rocker arm and a 63-cylinder kit. It has a heavy heavy-duty style in terms of sound and appearance.

The license plate moves down to reduce the visual center of gravity at the rear, and the carbon fiber trim also enhances the overall texture.

For the engine part, the owner uses the KOSO intake manifold, TTMRC special closed water channel 63 cylinder, aRacer computer and the TMAX special exhaust pipe launched by Bafengte. In the face of the powerful power performance of the engine, the cooling system has also been upgraded to an explosion-proof water pipe and aluminum alloy to increase the water tank to avoid overheating caused by the powerful engine output. In response to the improved engine performance, the owner has also worked hard on the transmission system. The combination of the DS front group, Speed ​​evo aluminum alloy opening and closing discs and the rear group of the Reveno clutch makes the upgraded power play better.

Facing the powerful output of the engine, it is necessary to modify the aluminum alloy to enlarge the water tank and the explosion-proof water pipe and strengthen the heat dissipation system.

For the modification of the engine, the transmission system is also upgraded to light weight and heat dissipation efficiency.

In addition to the power upgrade, the suspension and braking also have to be upgraded. In terms of braking, the owner changed the original single-disc FORCE to a two-disc design, replaced with a GPRO two-disc forged frame, a salvation army disc and two AK550 radiation calipers, and was equipped with a RCS brake master cylinder. Provide effective support and braking of the front wheels, and the front suspension also uses Cl 2 generation inverted fork. At the same time, the owner also replaced the rear wheels with GPRO forging frames and ammonium opposed four-piston calipers.

The car ran fast, but it had to stop. The front double-disc brake can meet the demand of stopping with the brake. CI inverted front forks provide better support for cornering.

The RCS master cylinder is equipped with metal oil pipes to exert greater braking efficiency.

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