YAMAHA also has an aviation dream? Go straight to the mysterious aircraft factory!

▲Tomoki Kinjo, Ryoupei Hirose, and Atsushi Takenouchi who are committed to developing a “motorcycle-like airplane” (photo from left to right)

YAMAHA introduced a team with the challenge of developing an “aircraft that can be ridden by a single person like a motorcycle” in a report issued to people in the media industry. They assembled small aircraft at a secret base near the company. , Try to learn all kinds of aircraft design knowledge and basic skills of making aircraft.

This team hopes to be able to produce a motorcycle like a motorcycle, whether it is a single person or a group can communicate and interact, participate in competitions and modify the aircraft.

The “5% rule” to reward independent research

“We are working hard to accumulate our strength step by step to the present, so we are very proud of it.” The person who said this is the Kinjo Yuki of the YAMAHA FSR R&D department. Tomoki Kinjo has rented a warehouse near the company and has been at this secret base 4 years ago to assemble the small aircraft that everyone can see in the photos.

In the R&D department of YAMAHA, there is a system called “Develop R&D activities” called the 5% rule. This system encourages its employees to spend 5% of their working time to conduct free research other than normal research activities, and expand engineers in this way And strengthen their independent innovation capabilities. In this independent research and development activity of YAMAHA, in the past 2018, the electric technology motorcycle “TY-E” was born.

“‘Development of R&D activities’ is an entrance for people with ideals to vent their enthusiasm. Our dream is to develop an’aircraft that can be ridden by one person like a motorcycle’, and achieve this goal The first step is to assemble the self-made aircraft parts set with our own hands, and then work hard to learn the knowledge of aircraft design and the basic skills of making aircraft.”

▲End the test run and wait for the engine of the aircraft body to be installed

Create an airplane that can be driven like a motorcycle

The team has now assembled the aircraft body and installed the engine on the decorative skeleton handmade last year, and conducted a test run. This year, the engine will finally be officially installed on the fuselage, and then the rest of the main wing will be made. “So far is our plan for 2021. The next plan is to conduct performance inspections before flight tests, prepare written documents, apply for flight permits and then conduct test flights.”

They use their own hands to assemble a flying aircraft body, understand the overall structure of the aircraft, and learn analysis techniques and maintenance techniques. When you encounter a problem, you will try your best to solve it, and you will complete unfamiliar tasks one by one. With these challenges, you will get closer to the dream that you can only see from a distance at the beginning, and work hard to make a “motorcycle-like airplane”. aims.

“Riding a motorcycle to travel everywhere, whether it is a trip alone or in groups, is a very happy thing, right! The joy of competing with each other in a motorcycle race is transformed into a motorcycle that is unique to your own. This kind of joy, and talking about all kinds of knowledge in the garage is the charm of motorcycles. Our goal is to make this kind of aircraft that allows everyone to interact with each other. In fact, people abroad have already done this.”

One of the team members, Hirose Yohei, showed a design sketch depicting the aircraft body and the pilot operating the body, as well as the passengers straddling the back seat. “Although you may think this is just a fantasy, if no one has ever imagined it, then it will never have the opportunity to appear in this world. What we want to do is to create such a transportation Tools.” The logistics warehouse entered by Chaoyang Ying is the research room of dreams, and the air in which a new thing will be born is slowly drifting around it.

▲The team is very particular about self-made parts, even the cockpit cushions and other accessories have tried to make them themselves

With dreams and ambitions, he challenged the team leader to develop aircraft from scratch, Tomoki Kaneshiro. He has been engaged in the production of human aircraft since he was studying at Kyoto University. After entering YAMAHA, he joined the YAMAHA Human Aircraft Association “Team Aeroscepsy”. And he became the holder of the world record for human-powered airplane flight.

Now he works in the research department and in the past he was responsible for the design of the industrial unmanned helicopter “FAZER”. Although full of enthusiasm, he took every step steadily and steadily. This is the pure expression of his seriousness and care about things, and he can only see the origin of the manufacturing technology in his eyes.

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