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YAMAHA 2021 style “MT-03” new color is online!

YAMAHA has released the new colors of 2021-style MT-03 in North America-Storm Fluo and Matte Stealth Black, both of which are painted in the same way as the newly announced MT- 09 and the new MT-07 use the same design. Will this color also appear on the Japanese version of the 2021 MT-03/MT-25?

Inheriting the 2020-style LED headlights and inverted front forks, the painting design becomes more aggressive

The YAMAHA “MT-03” and “MT-25”, which were first released in Europe and North America in October 2019, and Japan officially launched in March 2020, YMAHA also chose to announce the 2021-style news first in North America this time.

In addition to the painting design, the 2021 style inherits the 2020 style that has just been fully revised. A single LED light is used in the middle of the front, and the left and right sides are equipped with positioning lights that look like staring eyes. A fierce appearance.

In addition, it is also equipped with a φ37mm inverted front fork that has been used since the 2019 YZF-R25/03. This NK sports street car has won the love of fans by taking into account the riding performance and ease of use. .

Although the center of gravity is designed in the front, the front of the car looks full of weight, but its handle position is actually 44mm higher than the previous generation. The straightback riding posture makes the riding easier.

For the 2021 model, only the body color is changed. Like the new MT-09/MT-07 that was just launched, Storm Fluo (named as Pastel Dark Gray in Japan) and Matte Stealth Black, the sundial color name is unknown).

The price of MT-03 in North America is 4599 US dollars, maintaining the same price as the 2020 model.

Body features

▲A fish-eye projection monocular LED lamp is used in the middle of the front, and LED positioning lights that look like staring are added to the left and right sides.

▲Although the US standard has not announced its maximum horsepower, the Japanese standard will be equipped with a 320cc parallel twin-cylinder engine capable of producing 42ps/10750rpm.

▲The LCD instrument panel is equipped with a wide handle, which is 44mm higher than the 2019 model.

▲It is equipped with a φ37mm inverted front fork used from the 2020 model and a new version of radial tires.

▲A step earlier than the new MT-09/MT-07, the LED monocular headlamp + positioning lamp design was adopted. The first to adopt this common shape was the MT-15 sold in Asia.

▲The tail lights also use LED lights.

YAMAHA 2021 American Standard MT-03

Storm Fluo

Matte Stealth Black

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