YAMAHA 2021 style “MT-03” new color debut

YAMAHA JAPAN will change the body painting of sports street car models “MT-03 ABS, MT-25 ABS”, and will launch the 2021 model in Japan on April 28.

The 2021-style MT-03/25 ABS has three new colors, namely Storm Fluorescent Gray, Metallic Deep Purple Blue, and Matte Deep Metallic Gray. Storm Fluorescent Gray uses a vibrant vermilion wheel frame and a fuel tank side cover. The cyan sticker reminds people of the radical style of the MT series.

The metallic dark purple blue uses matte matte gray front soil removal, front and fuel tank side covers, with dark blue wheel frames and body painting, reminiscent of super sports cars; the matte dark metallic gray overall uses low-contrast deep The color painting gives people a sense of unsmiling solemnity.

As the entry-level model of the MT series, entry-level models such as the MT-03 ABS and MT-25 ABS combine bright and dynamic styling with a light riding sense, and have successfully achieved a high level of success among the young riders. Reputation.

The production of MT-03 ABS and MT-25 ABS will be carried out by PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Motor (YIMM), an Indonesian subsidiary of the YAMAHA Group.


Suggested price in Japan: 654,500 yen (tax included)

Storm Fluorescent Grey

Metallic deep purple blue

Matt deep metallic gray


Suggested price in Japan: 621,500 yen (tax included)

Storm Fluorescent Grey

Metallic deep purple blue

Matt deep metallic gray

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Data source “YAMAHA”
“Webike Taiwan” editorial department compiled

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