YAMAHA 2021-style “FZ/FZ-S” equipment upgrades and launches

YAMAHA officially launched the 2021 FZ and FZ-S represented by affordable street car models in India.

The 2021 FZ uses an enlarged silencer plug and reduces the weight of the car by 2kg. The 2021 FZ-S is equipped with the Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X Bluetooth connection function and adds a new matte red color.

FZ: Reduced vehicle weight

The 2021-style FZ newly added a side parking switch, although it is a small and inconspicuous equipment, it can avoid the danger caused by forgetting to fold the side parking and riding.

YAMAHA also increased the FZ’s muffler plug to improve exhaust noise, but the overall vehicle weight was slightly reduced from 137kg to 135kg. The reduced 2kg weight will help improve FZ’s handling and fuel consumption performance.

There are two colors to choose from for the 2021 FZ, namely racing blue and metallic black.

FZ-S: equipment upgrade

The biggest change in the 2021 FZ-S is the addition of the Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X Bluetooth connection function, allowing car owners to operate/check riding track records and other functions through a smartphone.

FZ-S has also added a matte red color scheme, plus matte dark blue, Dark Knight and Vintage Edition. There are as many as four styles for consumers to choose from, and the FZ-S is on the side of the fuel tank. The car name decoration badge on the cover is presented in 3D.

Main specifications

In terms of power performance, both FZ and FZ-S are equipped with the same 149cc air-cooled four-stroke SOHC 2-valve single-cylinder engine. This single-cylinder engine with a compression ratio of 9.6:1 can generate 12.4ps maximum at 7,250rpm Horsepower and maximum torque of 13.6Nm/5,500rpm.

In terms of price, the suggested selling price of FZ in India is 1,03,700 rupees (about 39,960 NT dollars), the regular FZ-S is 1,04,700 rupees (about 40,300 NT dollars), and the Dark Knight version is 1,07,700 rupees. (Approximately NT$41,500), the Vintage Style special edition is 1,09,700 rupees (approximately NT$42,200).

The performance of moderate power and reasonable price means that the rider can feel extremely comfortable when traveling long distances in the suburbs. Even if it is used for commuting in the city, it will not have too much economic pressure. It is a YAMAHA that hopes to increase in the Indian market. Strategic vehicles with market share.

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