"Yahoo Search Popularity Award 2020" Music Awards Winner List

“Yahoo Search Popularity Award 2020” Music Awards Winner List

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Yahoo Hong Kong held the “Yahoo Search Popularity Award 2020” awards ceremony, entering its seventeenth year. This year, with the theme of “Moving Moment, Moment of Motivation”, although there is no live audience, it praises the past of singers, movies, and visual artists. The original intention of the year’s hard work and good results remains unchanged, and the first virtual and real awards ceremony in Hong Kong presented with xR visual effects.

Hot Song of the Year: “Breathing is Harmful” Karen Mok

Karen Mok continued to be a rainbow with “Breathing Harmful” and was awarded the “Hot Song of the Year”. She was very moved and inspired everyone: “We must continue to struggle in 2021. Even if we face any obstacles and difficulties, we can have a way to move forward. Music can definitely inject strength into us.” She returned to the Hong Kong music scene with a song and was recognized by everyone. She thought it was amazing. Then she wanted to make a new Cantonese song. And this year’s task is to complete the Hong Kong concert. I’m overwhelmed because I haven’t held a concert in Hong Kong for more than ten years. I have accumulated a lot of ideas during this period. I am afraid that there will not be enough time to put on the stage in three minutes.”

Local male singer: Xu Tingkeng

Xu Tingkeng was awarded the “Local Male Singer” award, saying: “This year 2021 has already had a very good “reward”. I believe these awards are not the hard work of the previous year, everyone will give me these honors, but they are actually accumulated. For the recognition and encouragement of, I must say that I am a lucky member. From my debut to the present, I have been favored by many fans, audiences, listeners, and netizens. Therefore, before the award ceremony, I would like to thank the fans and fans for the first time. , Because without them, what I did was nothing, so I won the Yahoo award this time. Thanks to netizens for their strong support to search for me or my songs on the Yahoo platform.”

Local female singer: AGA

AGA won the “Local Female Singer” award, stating: “In the past year, I believe you will always need music when you need it. After receiving this award, I also feel that I have a responsibility to make better music for everyone.” 2020 It gave AGA a big test, and realized what kind of attitude should be adopted in the face of adversity, even if there are many obstacles and obstacles, like the only thing she can accomplish as planned last year is to release an album, other The work cannot be completed as expected. It is precisely this situation that makes AGA feel the need to create more music, hoping to use its own music to bring energy to everyone and accompany everyone through adversity. AGA hopes that the epidemic will fade in 2021 and there will be another concert. She said frankly that she misses her fans, and it feels irreplaceable to be able to share music with fans face to face. “

Local music group, popular MV, popular song: Dear Jane

Dear Jane released the album “Limerence” last year with the theme of different love states. Among them, “The Repairman of the Galaxy” records the love story of the lead singer Tim and his wife, healing the hearts of many music fans. In just 9 months, His song MV and theatrical MV have been viewed more than 6 million times on the video platform. The city is very popular. Dear Jane brought 3 awards at the “Yahoo Search Popularity Award 2020” awards ceremony, including “Popular Songs” , “Popular MV” and “Local Music Group” for the fifth consecutive year, becoming the big winner of the “Yahoo Search Popularity Award 2020” awards ceremony!

Local music group: RubberBand

RubberBand, which won the “local music group” for the seventh time, released its 9th album “i” in a difficult year in 2020, bringing energy to music fans with music. After a difficult year, No. 6 realized that no matter what happened to be happy or unhappy, don’t be overjoyed and be sad, keep your normal mentality, laugh or say that you have this idea when you are in middle age. If you motivate yourself in the new year, Nisha says that he will do his job well and find happiness in work or interest. This is one of the reasons why you can do longer and farther. Another member, A Wei, feels that it is very rare to be able to attend the awards ceremony and win prizes. I hope that in the days to come, no matter how bad the world is, RubberBand will continue to be itself and continue to create music. RubberBand is intensively preparing for the Red Hall concert. After 9 years, I will set foot in the Red Hall. I will think about how we can do better than last time. However, there are many unknowns under the epidemic. I hope that the epidemic will subside by then, everyone. Go to the Red Hall to enjoy music!

Popular MV: “I love you with my mouth covered” Jiang Tao / Local music group: MIRROR

Jiang Tao attended the award ceremony and accepted the award on behalf of MIRROR. The young Jiang Tao also has some experience of the past 2020. He cherishes the time spent with people close to him even more. He said: “I have very little time as an artist and family. This time the epidemic, everyone has free time. There are more, and I have seen a lot of lives leave this world, and experience the impermanence of life. We must grasp the opportunity to get along with the people in the housing estate.” Jiang Tao’s encouraging words for everyone are: “This year I believe it will gradually change for the better. Everyone’s efforts and the efforts of front-line medical staff in the year, even if something bad happens, you must be greeted with a good attitude. No matter what happens, the attitude is the most important.” He admitted that he did last year’s performance. The opportunities have diminished, and I feel disappointed for this, and I realize that I love this stage very much, and I must cherish every opportunity to be on stage. After winning the “Popular MV” award for “Say I Love You With Your Mouth”, Jiang Tao said that his own expectation for the MV is to surpass 1 million views, and now there are more than 2.8 million, exceeding expectations. He is very satisfied with the results. He humbly said: “I know that there are many factors that cause it, not how well I sing.” In the new year, Jiang Tao hopes that music can cooperate with more musicians to bring new styles of music to everyone, and dance also Yes. As for MIRROR, he will participate in variety shows again. Jiang Tao said that MIRROR has improved in dancing in the past or two years. I hope everyone can see their progress in the next work, whether it is in terms of picture, dance, or singing skills.

Local singer-songwriter: Lin Jiaqian

Lin Jiaqian won the “Yahoo Search Popularity Award 2020-Local Singer and Singer” award. When interviewed, he said that he hoped to sing songs written for him by others, but he joked that there is no such opportunity. Recently, Lin Jiaqian has covered songs written by others, and found that many people like them. You can try to sing other people’s melody and ask everyone to write songs to him soon!

New forces in the music scene: Liu Yingting, Lu Hanting

Just stepping into 2021, Lu Hanting (Anson Lo) took the opportunity to inspire everyone: “Looking back on the difficult days in 2020, but we have all survived. It has been a year in the blink of an eye, and something better will happen in 2021. With faith, I believe that something beautiful will happen, and it will definitely come, and 2021 will be full of positive energy.” Jer encouraged everyone with the birth of MIRROR: “We form MIRROR, and we have the opportunity to launch personal works again, and we have The person who dreams is an inspiration. You might as well take the first step. In fact, you can do it if you are willing to try.” Last year, Jer Liu had the opportunity to perform with different singers. This is what he has always wanted to do. Moreover, I have never imagined working with singers who have heard of their works before. This year, he can cooperate with Lin Erwen, Dear Jane, Chen Jianan, etc., which is already his achievement. As for the unlocking of Anson’s achievement, it was filming, which was a heavier drama, which was a big challenge for him. Anson used to participate in Musical in middle school. Besides, he didn’t take acting seriously. It was a new attempt. Anson admits that he knows that he has a lot of room for improvement in acting, so in 2021, he will take the opportunity to make a drama and remind himself that every opportunity is regarded as the last. When there is not necessarily the next opportunity to prove his ability, just Seize the opportunity.

New Power in Music: Michael C

Michael C admits that winning the prize is a good encouragement. He uses his song “Foolish Man” to inspire people who insist on making music or their dreams and ideals. They must remind themselves of their original intentions and remember themselves even if someone opposes them. He is a Yugong. When Yugong starts to move mountains, he will be laughed at, but he will succeed in the end.

Singing and composing song: “Whale Falling” Chen Zhuoxian

Singing and composing songs: “The Wall is Cracked” Huang Yan, “Network Security Risks” Serrini

Regarding the experience of 2020, Huang Yan said that even though the environment is very difficult, everyone can still make a healthy transition to 2020 under hardships. It is very powerful, so everyone must believe in their abilities. She inspires everyone. Although the world is difficult to navigate, she and everyone are companions, and will accompany everyone together.

Serrini appeared in a red dress and said with a smile that it is impossible to dress like this when going out on the street, so she looks forward to every award ceremony and there is an occasion for her to dress up. The experience brought to Serrini in 2020 is that in the face of many challenges, she is getting stronger and stronger, looking for many novel ways to deal with her feelings of loneliness or maintaining relationships with friends.

Popular chorus songs: “Isolation” Lin Jiaqian, Chen Kaiyong

Chen Kaiyong said that he was very happy to be able to attend the Yahoo awards ceremony and felt that he should cherish it more. Although it sounds a bit old-fashioned, everything is hard to come by. If you can see everyone, you must cherish every opportunity to meet. This time Yahoo took advantage of the awards ceremony to commend the efforts and achievements of the artists and to inspire everyone. For Jace, to motivate yourself is a “food 嘢”, so I hope everyone will “eat more” good things and be in a good mood!

Popular music project: “Make It Happen@10” C AllStar

C AllStar’s “Make It Happen@10”, which commemorates the ten years of the army, won the “Popular Music Project” award. Everyone shared their experience in the past year. Due to the epidemic situation, On Zai’s solo concert was postponed. Because of the epidemic situation, his creative direction was different. His song “Abandoned Study” was completed during that time. It feels like a musical work produced by breathing with this society. I know more; as for Jase, he said with a smile that he had to eat early and dinner last year, because there was no dine-in after 6 o’clock, and his biological clock has been adjusted in terms of diet; while King felt that his life experience was rich and he exercised his mentality, such as choosing decadence Still looking for a new way out. He said that he is in good condition and is not a decadent type; Zhaofeng also postponed the physical concert due to the epidemic. Although it has a great impact on him, he does not feel that the impact is very big. Maybe he Like Hong Kong people, they are used to adapting to the environment at any time, ready to meet all the unknown. For the award, the C AllStar members thank the netizens for not forgetting them. They searched for their “Make It Happen@10” on Yahoo. They are also grateful that the company still has the courage to invest in new concept projects under difficult circumstances.

Popular album: “Awaken” Feng Yunqian

Feng Yunqian (Jay)’s album “Awaken” released in 2020 won the “Yahoo Search Popularity Award 2020-Popular Album” award. He shared his feelings: “Every time I win the award, I am very grateful. It is a great encouragement. This encouragement is not mine. It’s all the company’s colleagues and the music team. They put in a lot of time and effort to do one thing. It is fruitful and happy for everyone.” For Jay, his production of the album “Awaken” is a very The big breakthrough, from the arrangement, composition, lyrics, MV and design concepts, he participated in, and the results were good, giving him more confidence to continue to make music and put more of his own ideas and creative concepts. The epidemic last year prevented many people from achieving their goals. Jay hopes that in 2021, everyone will work hard to complete the goals that were not completed last year.

Popular TV series song: “You Like Lying” Ju Ziqiao

Ju Ziqiao (Hana)’s song “You Like Lies” from the drama “Golden Guilty” won the “Yahoo Search Popularity Award 2020-Popular TV Drama Songs” award. Although this year’s awards ceremony does not have a live audience, the atmosphere is different from previous years. But Yahoo still insists on making an awards ceremony to be broadcast online, which seems to prove that no matter what happens, it can be changed with the environment. Hana said that like everyone else, she felt sad about what happened in 2020, and resonated with many friends at the same time. She felt that the harder the situation, as long as the stronger, she would return to her original appearance and become stronger. ! When she feels lost, she will tell herself that as long as everyone gathers strength and positive energy, both the epidemic and the world will return to normal.

Popular TV Drama Songs: “Mortals Don’t Understand Love” Hu Hongjun

Hubert, who also won the “Yahoo Search Popularity Award 2020-Popular TV Drama Songs” award for the song “Mortals Don’t Understand Love” from the drama “Devil 2.0”, thanked Yahoo for giving him and his celebrity friends a lot of encouragement and encouragement. In 2021, he will continue to challenge himself, continue to move forward, and continue to make breakthroughs. Hubert is about to enter the age of 31. He hopes that he can be bolder and bolder to try things that he has never tried before. Everyone can continue to witness his growth. 2020 will not be easy. Hubert realizes the importance of physical health and the need to live in the moment, and constantly break through when he has the ability. For example, in 2020, he tried dancing and “whole food”. At the same time, I feel the unity of artists in this industry. For example, singers continue to release good works during difficult times. It is a moving thing. I hope everyone can uphold this attitude, challenge themselves and unite in the new year.

Popular song: “The Gate of Happiness” Gin Lee

Popular song: “Zero Points” Zeng Ruohua Jude

Zeng Ruohua (Jude)’s “Zero Score” won the “Yahoo Search Popularity Award 2020-Popular Songs” award. In the past 2020, in addition to experiencing the importance of physical health, you should be more concerned about others and greet your friends because of the past. You can meet often, but now you must cherish the people around you and cherish your time. Last year, many people unlocked their skills, and Jude regained his interest in photography, and started a photography-related career in 2020, which is to take pictures of people in wedding dresses. Jude really enjoys it because he can help others capture their lives. The happiest day. During the epidemic, many negative things happened, so if he can bring happiness to others, Jude will be proud of himself.

Popular song: “Lonely Opposite Bank” Lin Yikuang

Lin Yikuang (Phil) won the “Yahoo Search Popularity Award 2020-Popular Songs” award for “Lonely Side”. He said that he was very happy to be able to attend the awards ceremony because he hadn’t met with singer friends for almost a year. Of course, winning the award was even more happy because of ” “Lonely Opposite Shore” is included in the album “Finding Charlie”. He and the production team put a lot of effort into it. He flew to the United States to read and write songs. The producer and the team made a special trip to the United States to complete the album together. The appreciation of everyone made Phil very much. Happy. 2020 has passed, and Phil realized that work, eating with friends, running, fitness, etc. are not easy tasks. So entering 2021, if you want to learn or try after the epidemic, you must complete it. Don’t allow yourself to be lazy or have an excuse to be decadent.

Popular song: “Low Half Degree” Wei Lan

Wei Lan (Janice)’s “Low Half” brought her the “Yahoo Search Popularity Award 2020-Popular Songs” award. She thanked Yahoo for holding the award ceremony and set up a beautiful stage to present them to them. The stage design of the awards ceremony held is the most special one, supporting a group of artists, supporting the music scene and every singer. Janice also said that he will continue to work hard to release more good songs and do his part. Although it will not be easy for everyone in 2020, Janice is also grateful that she has time to stop and think about priorities in life. There are few live performance opportunities now, so every time there is a chance to sing on stage, Janice will be very grateful. Although there is no live audience, he has to adapt to this new rhythm.

Popular song: “Don’t Be Good for Me” Xu Jingyun

Popular song: “Aftermath” Zhou Baihao

Zhou Pakhao’s “Aftermath” won the “Yahoo Search Popularity Award 2020-Popular Songs” award. After winning the award, he talked about his feelings and said that many things are not taken for granted. In the past, some things may be underestimated, such as the efforts of others behind the scenes. Now I know that some things were easy to get before, but they can be completely lost all at once. Although he knew how to cherish before, but now he really knows how to cherish the time he has in the future. For 2020, Baihao said he would adapt to life again. Because of the epidemic, he has stayed at home for more time. For a super active person, it seems that he needs to adapt when he is trapped. He also has a big responsibility at home, which is to take care of his family, especially his daughter who has just turned one year old. At work, it is as difficult and sad as everyone else, but Bohao is grateful that his family is still by his side in life. Looking forward to 2021, Baihao hopes that everyone can find their ideal life and live a happy self. As for the skills unlocked last year, Baihao laughed and said that there are many, such as taking care of BB, which is a challenge that he has never experienced before. Under such training in 2020, he will grow up with his daughter and family.

Popular song: “Sun and Moon” Guan Zhibin

Kenny Guan’s song “Sun Moon” won the “Yahoo Search Popularity Award 2020-Popular Song” award. Kenny, who has been away from the music scene for a while, released a few Cantonese songs last year and regained the attention of music fans. Searching for him or his songs on Yahoo made Kenny very happy. Regarding the experience in 2020, Kenny said very deeply and said emotionally: “I feel that there is a danger first. I understand myself better in the epidemic situation and review myself from it.” When asked if there is any motivation to talk to myself, Kenny Shy to share personal experience: “It’s embarrassing to talk about it. Every morning I will tell the mirror “You are so beautiful, you must have it, you must be able to persist!” In 2020, Kenny unlocked many skills. For example, online shopping, self-learning guitar, also learning Mandarin, Japanese, and cooking.

Popular song: “This Matter of Feelings” Chen Baiyu

The song “This Matter of Feelings” released in 2020 brought Chen Baiyu (Jason) the “Yahoo Search Popularity Award 2020-Popular Songs” award. He believes that the award is not a goal set every year or every time he makes a song If you want to calculate whether your song can win awards and make a song, the song will lack personal style and uniqueness, so every time he wins an award, he is very happy, which is an inspiration. At the same time, Jason said: “Of course I won’t be proud of it. I hope that every year I can make myself feel worthy of the award.” After 2020, Jason realized that everything is not inevitable, such as health and job opportunities, so I should cherish it. Your life, work and family, the most important thing is good health. He told everyone the motivational speech: “Come on, work hard! It’s something you have to endure, and you will know what is worth cherishing after experiencing the time to endure. 2020 is a good opportunity for everyone to reflect on the most in their lives. What is important.”

Popular song: “The Night Light” Zheng Xinyi

Joyce, who switched to a new company in 2020, made her first stage song “Little Night Light” and became one of the ten “Yahoo Search Popularity Awards 2020-Popular Songs”. She was very grateful to win the award. The Yahoo awards ceremony was another The mode of progress made her feel that she could continue to praise everyone’s achievements in 2020 and her creativity in a safe and healthy environment. Joyce said: “Winning an award is an encouragement. Go ahead. Don’t be lazy, continue to force me to explode in creativity and deal with everything that I have to face.” What she motivates herself is: “You are not young㗎! You have become sister, work hard!”


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