Yahoo Messenger stopped working after 20 years of development

Yahoo Messenger chat service will officially stop working and no longer receive support after July 17, 2018.

According to MacRumors, Yahoo Messenger is one of the first emerging and storming chat applications on the market. Yahoo Messenger launched in 1998, originally called Yahoo Pager, is a free downloadable instant messaging app for chatting with friends. Over 20 years of operation, has hundreds of millions of users using Yahoo Messenger.

Yahoo launched Yahoo Messenger app on the App Store in April 2009, giving users the ability to instant message when away from the computer. In the following years, messaging apps like Apple’s iMessage, Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp became popular and led users to leave Yahoo’s platform. Yahoo Messenger is currently only 167th in the list of most downloaded social networking apps on the App Store.

Yahoo Messenger used to be the largest chat application in the world. Photo: Reuters.


As a result, Yahoo decided to close iOS and Android apps and related services on July 17, 2018. Yahoo says users can download their chat history to a computer or other device. Yahoo also pledged that stopping Yahoo Messenger would not affect the user’s Yahoo ID, so it would continue to work with products like Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Fantasy.

Yahoo says shutting down Yahoo Messenger is to build and introduce new, interesting and relevant communication tools for its customers. A Yahoo spokesperson said there is no replacement for Yahoo Messenger, but for the time being the company wants to direct users to the group messaging app Yahoo Squirrel. Squirrel is still in beta and allows for private group chats with friends and family members in a style similar to Slack and Discord.

The event that Yahoo Messenger stopped working came not long after another messaging app, AOL Instant Messenger, ended its life in December 2017. Both are owned by parent company Oath and have been around for 20 years.

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