Xie Na said that the names with Na are all beautiful women, Shen Teng said 4 casually, and directly smiled at the audience!
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Xie Na said that the names with Na are all beautiful women, Shen Teng said 4 casually, and directly smiled at the audience!

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Xie Na said that the names with Na were all beautiful women, and Shen Teng casually said 4 names, and the whole audience laughed.

Today, on November 1, some netizens posted a set of photos. These photos are about an embarrassing incident between Shen Teng and Yang Mi two days ago.

At a party, because Yang Mi was inconvenient to walk in high heels, he stretched out his hand to Brother Teng when he went down the stairs. He wanted the other party to help him, but the other party didn’t see it, so Yang Mi could only stretch his hand back in embarrassment.

Immediately afterwards, she showed a dignified smile and walked down the steps on her own. After this happened, the topic “Shen Teng didn’t help Yang Mi” also quickly made the hot search list.

Netizens ridiculed him one after another: He is really a straight man, who has no mercy on the goddess. The next day, Brother Teng also responded to this matter in the live broadcast. He said, “Before taking the stage, Yang Mi said, “Second Uncle, help me a little bit today. I said you can rest assured that I am wearing high heels! I will forget it when I go up.”

So someone said on the Internet: He is a “goldfish” with only seven seconds of memory. Some people also said that he had a strong sense of performance on the stage, and he had forgotten Yang Mi’s entrustment just by speaking.

As a comedian, he not only brought us joy in his works, but also in real life. In addition to the incident of “not helping Yang Mi”, many funny things have happened to him.

In the variety show “Just Say That Na”, the guest in one issue was him. In one of the sessions, Sister Na said a sentence: People with “Na” in their names are all beautiful women, and then they return A series of names of this type are cited.

Then Brother Teng also said not to be outdone: I found that the names with “na” are very powerful. According to ordinary people’s assumptions, he will definitely say some compliments about Sister Na next.

But Brother Teng is an ordinary person, and then he listed the names of four stars such as Maradona and Ronaldo Jr., and then the audience laughed directly, and Sister Na “collapsed” on the spot. .

I have to say that Brother Teng has a really strong sense of variety. Do you like Brother Teng like this?


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