Just tell me not to copy but the Mimoji feature of Xiaomi like Memoji of Apple to the point that Xiaomi employees are wrong - Photo 1

Xiaomi's Mimoji feature too much to Apple's Memoji to the point that Xiaomi employees themselves are confused

Xiaomi, Mimoji's augmented reality avatar, absolutely not a copy of Apple's Memoji feature – they just look very similar and have similar names – that's the statement made by Xiaomi last week. about the similarity between the two companies' features. Even Xiaomi threatens to sue anyone who gives false information about Mimoji.

Maybe Xiaomi should sue its own design team. The almost identical resemblance between Mimoji and Memoji's avatars is causing their marketing team to be in trouble.

Above is the avatar of Mimoji belonging to Xiaomi, below is Apple's Memoji.

According to Caixinglobal's website, the ads for Apple and Apple Music Memoji are embedded in Xiaomi's product page for Mi CC9 on JD.com and Suning e-commerce platforms, instead because of Xiaomi's original commercials.

Xu Jieyun, general manager of Xiaomi's public relations, answered on Weibo that the incident was caused by Xiaomi's employees "posting the wrong content" on those pages.

This is not the first time Xiaomi has been entangled in troubles due to the launch of products that look too similar to Apple products. The Xiaomi Mi 8 looks almost identical to the iPhone X and it even came out with Apple's Animoji copy feature, similar to today's Memoji. Xiaomi also launched a pair of wireless headphones, true wireless with a look quite similar to Apple's AirPods.

Even once, Apple's legendary designer Jony Ive hinted at Xiaomi in a conference that said: "You spent 7 or 8 years studying something, and then it was copied … I think it's stealing, and being lazy. "

Refer to Android Authority

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