Xiaomi stopped testing the global beta MIUI versions for all devices

Xiaomi stopped releasing the global beta MIUI beta since July – VnReview

Recently, on the Mi Community community forum, Xiaomi confirmed that it will stop the MIUI global beta testing program for every device from July 1 next.

According to the Android Authority, the reason given by Xiaomi is that they want to focus on providing a smoother and more stable software experience. Xiaomi has grown significantly over the years, especially when their brand is still growing in markets like Europe or India. Therefore, the company wants to restrict its beta testing and update Mi and Redmi branded devices more often.

Previously, Xiaomi provided 2 MIUI global ROM versions for users, including stable (stable) and test version (beta). Although stable version will give users more stable and consistent experience, but the number of users using beta version is increasing.

Xiaomi said it was surprised with the number of users using the beta version and there was no sign of a decrease. Although that helps Xiaomi listen to opinions from users and overcome the problems that occur, but only a few people give feedback to the manufacturer about software errors.

More importantly, Xiaomi has also realized that its "name" is growing. Therefore, they do not want their brands to be associated with complaints about software having many bugs or incomplete.

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