Xiaomi "rewarded" every employee of 1000 shares of Fortune Global 500 - VnReview
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Xiaomi "rewarded" every employee of 1000 shares of Fortune Global 500 – VnReview

Perhaps Xiaomi employees are the happiest people at the moment because not only the company has just entered the Fortune Global 500 list but each of them also gets a bonus of 1000 shares.

As recently reported, Xiaomi has for the first time listed among the top companies in the world in Fortune's Global 500 rankings. The company ranked 468 with sales of $ 26.4 billion and net profit of $ 2 billion in the last fiscal year.

In addition, Xiaomi also ranked No. 7 among the leading retailers and Internet services. Xiaomi is also the youngest company in Fortune's Global 500 list for 2019.

Of course, everyone's management and employees are very happy. In an open letter to all the staff who have just achieved, founder and chairman Xiaomi Lei Jun appreciated the efforts of all employees and announced that there will be a special gift for More than 20.5 thousand employees are working at Xiaomi.

According to the Gizmochina, each employee will receive bonus equal to 1000 shares of Xiaomi. Of those 1000 shares, 500 shares will be used to hold the welcome event, the rest will be donated to the employees' families and relatives for their contributions.

Lei Jun CEO shared: "This honor does not mark the end of the efforts we are pursuing. This is simply a new beginning. We are still committed to creating great and innovative products at a price. Our goal is for Mi Fan, our users and investors to enjoy a better life. "

Xiaomi started operating in April 2010 as an Internet company and produces smartphones, smart hardware connected to the IoT platform. With over 9 years of operation, Xiaomi has constantly grown and has become a big technology company, reaching the top 500 of Fortune. Before that, Xiaomi also reached the top of Fortune 500 China with the 53rd position.

Fortune Global 500 rankings are a list of the top 50 companies in the world. The list is compiled and published on Fortune magazine based on criteria such as revenue and net profit in the previous fiscal year.

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