Xiaomi Mi Band 5 exploded while charging

The world’s first Mi Band 5 exploded on charging.

This unlucky Mi Band 5 exploded while charging on the table. As soon as he saw the Mi Band 5 caught fire, the owner quickly threw it on the floor and stomped on the device to avoid affecting the surrounding objects. Therefore, the screen of Mi Band 5 is severely cracked due to the strong impact from the outside, not from the explosion.

Although the product’s image was posted quite widely on the internet, the manufacturer has not yet responded to the above incident. Many comments on the internet claim that the Mi Band 5 explosion was due to the device’s hardware. The owner of the Mi Band 5 confirmed that he only charges the device with the original charging dock and the Mi 5V / 1A charger.

Xiaomi officially sold the Mi Band 5 on June 11, 2020. This smartwatch quickly won the hearts of many users thanks to a cheap price, supports many functions with professional sports modes, 100 watch faces, half-month battery life.


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