Sforum - Huangshan-No-1-MHS001 latest technology information page Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will likely include AI using Huangshan No.1 chip.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will likely have all AI using the Huangshan No.1 chip

Xiaomi's best-selling Mi Band line will "admit" a new member tomorrow, June 11. Before this product launches, we just got an interesting news about the processor Mi Band 4 will use.

According to Gizmochina, Huami's CEO, Wang Huang recently launched a teaser, saying that the Huangshang No.1 chip supported by AI has been mass-produced. It can be seen that this will be the chip that will be used on the Mi Band 4 because the official Mi Band page on Weibo shared this post.

It is known that Huangshang No.1 was released late last year by Huami. This processor is said to be more efficient than competitors based on ARM Cortex M4. This is a big step for Xiaomi because it means that Chinese manufacturers are testing open source RISC-V processors instead of more popular ARM. A few days ago, we just received a report saying that Qualcomm has invested heavily in SiFive, a leading provider of IP-based RISC-V processors. Thus, it seems that companies are looking for alternatives to ARM's Cortex-based chip designs.

Sforum - Huangshan-No-1-MHS001-1 latest technology information page Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will likely include AI using Huangshan No.1 chip.

Besides, Huangshang No.1 (MHS001) is also the world's first wearable device to integrate AI artificial intelligence. With a structure of four intelligent cores taking on different functions, in turn, cardiomyopathy, ECG ECG Pro, ECG Pro and HRA, Huangshan No. abnormal heart rate recognition technology. 1 almost does all the Apple Watch Series 4 features.

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Article source: Gizmochina


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