Xiaomi may have silently declared the brand of Poco? - VnReview

Xiaomi may have silently declared the brand of Poco? – VnReview

The launch of the Redmi K-series and the sudden departure of an official in charge of the Poco brand are showing great questions about the future of the smartphone.

When Redmi launched two Redmi K20 / K20 Pro models, there were doubts about the future of Poco smartphones only one year old. And that suspicion grew bigger when Jai Mani, one of the CEOs responsible for developing the brand Poco, left Xiaomi.

Navkendar Singh, research director at IDC India, said that the highly competitive Redmi K20 series is selling big questions for the existence and future of Poco smartphones.

The analyst said that Poco has been out for more than a year and this device offers a high-end configuration and mid-range price. Of course, users will also have to trade off the unkind design of the product when using only plastic, and a medium quality camera.

However, when Xiaomi launched the K-series under the brand Redmi, it seemed to have blocked the line of the Poco line. Simply because Redmi's K-series smartphone has enough elements to dominate the market like high configuration, beautiful design and owning attractive price no less than Poco smartphone.

In addition, the departure of officials in the Poco brand is also a hint of the possibility of death of the new smartphone just over 1 year old. Even so an official Xiaomi shared with the Economic Times newspaper that changing a CEO does not mean anything to the existence of the brand.

So it's hard to know what the future ahead of Poco smartphone will be when Xiaomi hasn't revealed anything about its successor to the Pocophone F2.

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