Sforum - Latest technology information page XiaoAI-english-teaching-gadget-2 Xiaomi launches XiaoAI English teaching machine, priced from VND 1.7 million

Xiaomi launched XiaoAI English teaching machine, priced from 1.7 million

XiaoAI English Teaching Gadget is an extremely effective English learning device for beginners or young children.

At today's launch event, besides the new Mi Band 4 and a range of other technology gadgets, Xiaomi also introduced a rather outstanding learning device called XiaoAI English Teaching Gadget, using wisdom AI artificially combined with virtual assistants to teach users to learn English.

Specifically, XiaoAI English Teaching Gadget has the same design as a medium-sized smartphone with a 4-inch screen on the front. The device comes with 3GB RAM and 64GB of storage memory. It also comes with 2 buttons that physically assign functions when used.

The purpose of this device will be to teach English to users through a variety of learning methods, including quick word test, word backup and foreign travel. The device also supports all three modes of listening, pronunciation and learning through images.

As its name suggests, XiaoAI English Teaching Gadget will be integrated with AI virtual assistant, the device will be pre-installed with 5 official dictionaries, including Oxford Dictionary, Collins COBUILD Advanced, New Age Chinese-English Dictionary, Modern Chinese Dictionary and the Xinhua Dictionary.

The device will support both scientific pronunciation correction through geometry, providing images, sounds, pictograms and mind maps to help users learn English through all senses, Optimize learning methods.

Sforum - Latest technology information page XiaoAI-english-teaching-gadget Xiaomi launches XiaoAI English teaching machine, priced from VND 1.7 million

Xiaomi says this English learning device will support 224 different countries and regions in the world, pre-installed in popular languages ​​like Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean.

Not only that, XiaoAI English Teaching Gadget also supports 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing online access to make learning easier.

Currently, the version that does not support 4G will be sold by Xiaomi at a price of 499 yuan, equivalent to 1.67 million, while the version with 4G support will cost more than 999 yuan, equivalent to 3.4 million. Users can reserve the device from tonight and the device will be available on June 18 in the Chinese market.

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Article source: GizChina

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