Xiaomi launches its brand, targeting mobile photography

Xiaomi launched the new smartphone brand Mi CC, focusing on camera – VnReview

It seems that Xiaomi has found a way to take advantage of the acquisition of Meitu to improve the ability to selfie camera on its products.

Xiaomi suddenly announced the sale of Mi Band 4 soon in Vietnam from June 22, priced from 850,000 dong

Recognizing their position, small phone company Meitu decided that Xiaomi is the perfect partner to help this company grow. Accordingly, Xiaomi will assume responsibility for design, research and development and sales for Meitu brand smart phones. In contrast, Meitu will be responsible for improving camera software for phones.

Yesterday, Xiaomi officially announced a new phone brand "Designed to be the flagship of photography and selfie with both front and rear cameras"This new brand is called Mi CC, it will be monitored by a newly formed organization called Xiaomi x Meitu AI Beauty Lab.

According to the company, the new Mi CC brand will help Xiaomi expand and diversify its users in 80 markets. Especially aimed at the young and brand Mi CC audience that refers to the phrase camera + camera (CC), but at the same time it will also satisfy those who are looking for luxury devices (chic), impressive (cool) and colorful (colorful).

Not only that, the Mi CC brand is created by Xiaomi's youngest product development team. While there are still no products introduced with this brand launch, most of these models will probably only be sold exclusively in China.

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