Xiaomi launched Mi Table Lamp 1S smart lamp, priced at 605 thousand, can connect Apple HomeKit, support XiaoAI - Photo 1.

Xiaomi launched Smart Desk Lamp Mi Table Lamp 1S, priced at 605 thousand, can connect Apple HomeKit, support XiaoAI

Xiaomi has just officially launched Smart Table Lamp 1S. This new lamp still retains the minimalistic and refined design of the previous generation but is significantly upgraded in terms of brightness and durability.

Mi Table Lamp 1S light reaches 520lm in light flux, double that of the previous generation. The center illuminance of the lamp reaches 1131lux, 50% higher than last year's version.

Mi Table Lamp 1S has a metal body design with pure white color. Its lamp arm can be folded to release space. The maximum opening and closing angle of the lamp arm is up to 135 degrees.

Xiaomi's new model uses a Fresnel optical lens made of glass, refracting light several times before emitting it. This ensures the light emits more evenly and naturally. The lamp has 4 modes including reading mode, computer mode, children's mode and focus mode.

The lamp is equipped with a rotary control button to turn on / off the brightness adjustment cum. In addition, users can control the lights via the Mi App application on smartphones.

Mi Table Lamp 1S can also be connected via Apple HomeKit system and supports Xiaomi's XiaoAI virtual assistant for voice control. Mi Table Lamp 1S has been sold in China for about 26 USD (equivalent to 605 thousand dong).

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