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Xiaomi launched Mimoji like the Memoji style on iPhone

Xiaomi Mimoji, a funny collection of avatars and animoji, has been updated with a humanoid version, next to animal images. Xiaomi said the new feature will appear first on the newly launched CC9. It can be seen from the design, the shape, the color of these animations are very similar to Apple's Memoji.

Mimoji includes a collection of many animoji that imitate all kinds of people, hair, eyes, nose, skin color … Xiaomi uses AR technology in combination with the phone's front camera for this feature to work, the CC9 is equipped with 32MP front camera.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi's Mimoji is very similar to Apple's Memoji, used on iPhone devices. You will see it is no different, from color to how to describe people's faces, Xiaomi is not afraid to take the design of Memoji for their features. Anyway, Xiaomi users also have an interesting feature, waiting for the article on the CC9 hand I will introduce more about Mimoji.

This is Apple's Memoji


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