Xiaomi launched an integrated dictionary English teaching machine, priced at VND 1.7 million - Photo 1.

Xiaomi launched an integrated English teaching machine, priced at VND 1.7 million

Besides the wrist band for Mi Band 4, Xiaomi recently launched a model of English teaching machine in the framework of the event held in China. This 4-inch product is quite compact and easy to hold on the palm, integrated with Xiaomi's XiaoAI virtual assistant, accompanied by 3GB RAM / 64GB internal memory and dual physical key cluster on the right side.

With the new model of teaching English, Xiaomi wants to change traditional English teaching methods and add to users many different ways of learning, including quick word test, word storage, as well as three modes. function – listen, speak and display directly via image.

In addition to integrating XiaoAI virtual assistant, Xiaomi's English teaching machine is also pre-installed with 5 copyrighted dictionaries, including Oxford Dictionary, Collins COBUILD Advanced Dictionary, New-English Chinese Dictionary, Modern Chinese dictionary and Xinhua Dictionary.

Not only that, Xiaomi's English teaching model can also help users edit pronunciation in a more scientific way, as well as display the mouth pattern mouthpiece when pronouncing. XiaoAI can provide images + sounds + mind maps, thereby mobilizing all senses and helping you learn foreign languages ​​as easily as your native language.

Xiaomi launched an integrated dictionary English teaching machine, priced at VND 1.7 million - Photo 2.

According to Xiaomi, the XiaoAI integrated English teaching machine also supports 224 countries and regions worldwide. It has a built-in offline translation of languages ​​like Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean.

In particular, the product also supports 4G network connectivity and can play Wi-Fi for other devices to use. While the standard model costs 499 yuan (about 1.68 million), the high-end model supporting 4G will be sold at a price of 999 yuan (about 3.36 million) and will be released on June 18.

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