Xiaomi launched an attractive offer for Mi Sans to celebrate the milestone of 1000 Mi Store globally

Xiaomi launched an attractive offer for Mi Sans to celebrate the milestone of 1000 Mi Store globally

Today Xiaomi officially announced that it has opened more than 1000 stores in international markets, marking an important milestone in its global business expansion. On this important occasion, Xiaomi will hold the 1000 Mi Store event on online and offline channels with many exclusive gifts and attractive promotions as a gratitude to Mi Fans and loyal customers. – people who have helped the company achieve these achievements.

Overcome many challenges to reach 1000

Despite the difficulties of the Covid-19 epidemic, Xiaomi still has its 1000th store. This remarkable achievement is achieved by overcoming the difficult situation that every retail store around the world is currently facing . The success of Mi Store is a testament to the strength of the brand in the hearts of consumers and the great potential for Xiaomi’s prosperous growth in the global market.

Mi Store is a chain of independent retail stores, established and coordinated by Xiaomi’s partners. All Mi Stores globally are operated according to Xiaomi standards and exclusively sell products authorized by Xiaomi. The Mi Store is therefore the official and high standard representative of the company’s retail business.

Looking back at the 5 years of rapid growth of Mi Store

The first international Mi Store opened for Mi Fans in Singapore in 2016. Since then, the number of its stores has expanded rapidly globally. To mark this important milestone, Xiaomi will hold the 1000 Mi Store Milestone event online and in stores, as a way to thank the countless consumers and Mi Fans who have trusted and supported the product. Xiaomi throughout the years.

The event will begin with an online promotion with a large number of products available at most Mi Stores. In Vietnam, a series of customer gratitude programs will be held, a series of attractive products priced at 1,000 VND will take place with smartphone products from June 12 to June 20, 2021, for with products in the smart consumer ecosystem will be from June 19 to June 27, 2021. In particular, an attractive flash-sale series of up to 50% will take place continuously from June 12 to June 27 on Xiaomi’s platforms and systems along with a series of other attractive promotions.

Since the Mi Store campaign was launched in 2016, Xiaomi’s scale has expanded faster than ever. For Xiaomi, there is no better way than to hold this worldwide gratitude event to repay all the support that Mi Fan has given Xiaomi during a challenging year.

With an attractive promotion program on the occasion of the 1000th store milestone, Xiaomi has contributed to bringing an attractive shopping season in the middle of the year.


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