Xiaomi laid off advertising stealing employees - VnReview

Xiaomi laid off advertising stealing employees – VnReview

Xiaomi admitted to using an artist's work without their permission to promote their products. The company said it had fired employees responsible for this issue.

Earlier, the information said the Xiaomi Spanish website used three works by artist Peter Tarka. Tarka said he was "100% sure" Xiaomi used his work.

After investigating the opinions of artist Peter Tarka, Xiaomi suggested that the designers had arbitrarily used the drawings of Peter Tarka without permission. Xiaomi said it will strengthen internal processes to approve images and artwork to prevent this mistake from happening again, and the company has also apologized to Tarka. Tarka's works have been removed from Xiaomi's website.

Artist Tarka created a GIF image showing how images from his three works combine in Xiaomi's ad. The main structure is only slightly changed, with a chair and a hanging light bulb added.

This makes things worse, because the chair and suspension bulb that is included in Xiaomi's ads are the works that Tarka makes under contract for LG, one of its competitors. Xiaomi.

According to The Verge, although there has never been a "blatant" incident like this before, Xiaomi has a history of bluntly copying other people's works. Earlier this year, the company recreated Apple's default macOS wallpaper, along with features to change images between day and night. Xiaomi's MacBook Pro 2017 looks very much like Apple's MacBook Pro. And Xiaomi's stores also have clean white walls, even light and wooden display tables, like an Apple store.

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