Xiaomi issued a recall notice of more than 10,000 electric vehicles Mi Electric Scooter (M635) for safety reasons - Photo 1.

Xiaomi issued a recall notice of more than 10,000 Mi Electric Scooter (M635) electric vehicles for safety reasons

Recently, Xiaomi announced a recall of 10,257 electric cars Mi Electric Scooter (M635). These vehicles are faulty, leading to the vertical control shaft being able to come off the body during use. The cause of this problem, according to the initial guess, is that a screw in the folding joint has been loosened.

In the official statement just released, Xiaomi said the affected cars were manufactured from October 27, 2018 to December 5, 2018. Of these, 7,406 were sold in the UK and the rest were scattered in different countries according to the specific list below:

– Germany: 613 units

– Spain: 509 units

– Ireland: 443 units

– Denmark: 258 units

– Kazakhstan: 200 units

– Myanmar: 175 units

– Colombia: 97 units

– Turkey: 80 units

– Laos: 79 units

– Italy: 37 units

– Hungary: 34 aircraft

– Greece: 31 units

– South Korea: 30 units

– Macau: 25 units

– United Arab Emirates: 22 units

– Belgium: 17 units

– Portugal: 16 units

– Singapore: 14 units

– Russia and Thailand: 1 country each

– Unknown countries: 169 units

Xiaomi's figures given above are not exactly accurate because some cars can be brought from one country to another after being sold.

Xiaomi issued a recall notice of more than 10,000 electric vehicles Mi Electric Scooter (M635) for safety reasons - Photo 2.

Xiaomi also announced the number of affected car models falling between 21074/00000316 – 21074/00015107 and 16133/00541209 – 16133/00544518. You can check if your car is affected by visiting here and then entering the car's serial number. The serial number of the vehicle is located on the left side of the lower body as shown in the image above.

If your car is affected, you will be asked to enter your email address and within 72 hours an email instructing how to fix it will be sent by Xiaomi. You will not pay any repair fees. The recovery process is Xiaomi starting from June 26 in the UK and from July 1 in other countries.

Xiaomi recommends that users should not use Mi Electric Scooter at the present time if they are not sure if their model is having problems. In addition, Chinese electronics firms also advise users not to fix themselves by tightening screws in the folded joint. The repaired Mi Electric Scooter models are also not allowed to participate in this program.

In its official statement, Xiaomi has apologized to users affected by this issue.

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