Sforum - Latest technology information page xiaomi-smart-chopsticks Xiaomi introduces smart eating chopsticks, costing only VND 334,000

Xiaomi introduced smart chopsticks disinfection tube, only from 334 thousand dong

Chopsticks are traditional eating tools of some Asian countries such as Vietnam, China, Japan, … Realizing that, Xiaomi has launched a smart disinfection box to meet the demand of constant food hygiene. date for users.

Although chopsticks are quite popular in restaurants and hotels, they are rarely seen in people's homes. Therefore, Xiaomi recently officially introduced smart chopsticks disinfection for households. This device is manufactured by the company located in Xiaomi's product ecosystem and sold through the Youpin community fundraising platform.

According to Gizmochina, while metal chopsticks may not pose a potential risk to health, chopsticks made of wood, ivory and bamboo are the ideal place for bacteria because of their long-term moisturizing ability. The new smart chopsticks disinfection kit Xiaomi launched with preservation box, sterilization chamber and designed with eye-catching white tones. This product is 344mm x 87mm x 68mm and can be mounted on the wall to save space.

Sforum - Latest technology information page xiaomi-smart-chopsticks-7 Xiaomi introduces smart chopsticks disinfection tube, priced only from VND 334,000

Xiaomi's smart chopstick sterilizer uses ultraviolet radiation so it can kill nearly 98% of all bacteria. It is effective against common food bacteria like E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus that can cause diarrhea, fever and other diseases. The device can sterilize 20 pairs of chopsticks once and support a variety of materials such as bamboo, wood, plastic, plastic and stainless steel.

Sforum - Latest technology information page xiaomi-smart-chopsticks-5 Xiaomi introduces smart chopsticks disinfection tube, priced at only VND 334,000

And yet, Xiaomi's chopsticks are designed to be easy to disassemble and have separate drainage areas. It uses the magnetic sensor switch so that when the cover is opened, the device switches off and starts disinfection when the lid is closed. The sensor also adjusts the running time according to the kitchen environment temperature. The product has a power of 4.2W and operates quite smoothly, almost no noise is emitted.

Sforum - Latest technology information page xiaomi-smart-chopsticks-4 Xiaomi introduces smart chopsticks disinfection tube, priced only from VND 334,000

Reportedly, Xiaomi's smart chopsticks are currently sold on the foundation of Youpin community fundraising for 99 Yuan (about 334 thousand dong). The product is expected to be available to users on August 14.

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