Xiaomi explains the mechanism of camera technology under the screen - Photo 1.

Xiaomi explains the mechanism of camera technology under the screen

Yesterday, Xiaomi revealed a prototype smartphone with a camera under the screen that the company is developing through social media channels. Instead of using rabbit ears, sliding or perforated camera designs, the phone has a selfie camera placed underneath the OLED screen, which gives the area of ​​the display area almost occupying the entire front.

While netizens are still curious about how this technology works, recently, Xiaomi's senior vice-president Xiang Wang has posted a new article on Facebook, thereby deciphering every piece. from the fans.

Accordingly, Xiaomi has found a solution to hide the camera under the screen. When the selfie camera is activated, the front display area of ​​the camera becomes transparent immediately, allowing outside light to enter. This is the perfect solution to help the overflow screen co-exist in parallel with the front camera.

Xiaomi explains the mechanism of camera technology under the screen - Photo 2.

Combined with the technology developed on the inside, the new customized screen has a small area of ​​transparent screen, which is made using low refractive glass with high light transmission capability. When not in camera mode, the transparent screen will act as a normal screen, allowing full content to be displayed.

Xiaomi has cleverly integrated a 20MP selfie camera into the bottom of the screen, while the transparent screen also acts as a camera lens. By allowing more light to enter the lens, the built-in camera can create perfect, clear, and clear selfies. In addition, when the screen is turned off, the selfie camera will also disappear, creating a seamless and perfect black surface.

Xiaomi smartphone prototype with camera under the screen

Currently, Xiaomi has not disclosed the launch date of any smartphone that owns hidden camera technology under the screen. Hopefully we will soon see it on the next Mi Mix generation, one of Xiaomi's famous product lines, always the company prioritizes the application of advanced technology and breakthrough design, opening for Future smartphone trends.

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