Xiaomi announced its first director in Vietnam

Xiaomi has just announced that Mr. Jack Yun will assume the role of Director in the Vietnamese market.

Mr. Jack Yung joined Xiaomi in 2015 and before that, he held many important responsibilities such as sales, distribution, marketing and management at major mobile and technology companies around the world.

Jack is seen as a key factor for large Chinese businesses looking to go overseas, and his contributions in the early days spurred the growth of these mobile and technology companies in the subcontinent. and Africa.

Photo: Xiaomi.


Upon returning to China, Jack joined Huawei and once again took on the responsibility of managing the India region, the market where this time Jack was responsible for expanding into the West and became Director of Channels and Retail in a very new market is Bangladesh.

Jack’s experience in market expansion is really useful for Xiaomi, where he leads the expansion project in a very fast growing market in Vietnam as a sales, marketing, channel development supervisor. and distribution.

Huy Vu
* Source: Investment bridge


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