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Xiaomi again "troll" OnePlus mercilessly by series of billboards Redmi K20 Pro next to OnePlus 7 Pro

This trivial troll display of Xiaomi once again proves that the new Redmi K20 Pro is the new "Flagship killer", not the OnePlus anymore.

Recently, Redmi, Xiaomi's baby brand, has officially unveiled the new Redmi K20 Pro. Possessing the most powerful performance at the present time, comes with an impressive beautiful design, Xiaomi seems to be "declaring war" with OnePlus when since its launch, Xiaomi has taken the title "flagship killer 2.0 ”to name the Redmi K20 Pro, assuming that OnePlus is no longer worthy of this title.

It seems that the "attack" on social networks is not enough, recently Redmi and "troll" OnePlus 7 mercilessly with the billboard for Redmi K20 Pro are located next to the billboards of the OnePlus 7 Pro.

Specifically, Redmi hired a lot of billboards with slogans "Starkly Superior to the Latest One" (roughly translated: "Completely superior to the latest One generation" – referring to the latest OnePlus 7 Pro) and located in India. This slogan even took the image of Ironman "Tony Stark", currently acting as a brand ambassador for OnePlus 7 Pro, to "OnePlus whirlpool" with words "Starkly" extremely "profound".

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Although both the OnePlus and Redmi brands are just subsidiaries of two major smartphone manufacturers, OPPO and Xiaomi, however, it seems that in recent times both have gone beyond the shadow of the company. Mother, making her product lines become more prominent in the eyes of users, thereby "shadowing" brand names and develop stronger. And the "troll" OnePlus is probably also part of this developmental translation that makes the Redmi brand more popular. OnePlus will soon have an answer with Redmi if you don't want to lose.

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Article source: Android Police

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