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Xiaomi "accidentally" used Apple's official Memoji ad to promote Mimoji

Earlier this week, Xiaomi released a new avatar creation feature called "Mimoji" but many people rated it as quite similar to Apple's Memoji.

Although Xiaomi sent a press release denying claims they had copied Apple, the Chinese company itself created trouble for itself when "accidentally" using Apple's own ads on the page. Web to promote Mimoji.

Accordingly, the above incident was detected by a Weibo user. Specifically, on two e-commerce websites JD.com and Suning, Xiaomi used Apple's Memoji ad to advertise the Mimoji feature on Mi CC9. It is known that this is an advertisement that Apple cooperated with singer Khalid.

According to Xu Jieyun – Xiaomi's General Manager of Public Relations, this is a complete accident. Specifically, Xiaomi employees have "uploaded the wrong content" onto the website.

Both Memoji and Mimoji are features that provide 3D avatars where users can customize them to make them look / resemble them in the most realistic way possible. Xiaomi's version includes art style as well as Apple's Memoji accessories and glasses.

For years, Xiaomi has launched a lot of products and many people consider it to be quite similar to the products of "Apples Disadvantages". So at the present time, "Apple copy" labels may be associated with this Chinese manufacturer for a long time.

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