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Xiaomi 90 Go fun backpack on hand: Simple, waterproof, wide storage compartment 450 thousand

Those who often have to bring their laptop and many things of personal belongings cannot lack a backpack 90 Go fun. Through many models of backpacks, cross-bags, I used to introduce to you, I see that this is a pretty, simple, neat, waterproof backpack, a large storage compartment suitable for my brother's pocket. introduce to you.

Simple 90 Go Fun backpack design

Design backpacks aimed at simplicity and dynamism will be a good choice for brothers and I often move. With Xiaomi's 90 Go fun brand, it is no longer strange to technology brothers who are famous for fashion backpack accessories, so somehow you are assured of the quality and design of the backpack.

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Backpack when worn quite fit with wearer

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Carry the bag when there is an interior item that does not cause shoulder

The square design of the backpack aims to make full use of the extra spacious space. The compartments inside the backpack are arranged scientifically and flexibly, containing many accessories with different sizes. Different from the design of the usual backpack is the sub-compartment designed to float outside, the backpack 90 Go fun is hidden by the design firm besides helping the backpack become simple to help me easily store discreet objects.

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Simple dynamic design

Handy of backpack:
The space inside the backpack is a large compartment that you can fit into your 15.6-inch laptop and small compartments that are more flexible and flexible to accommodate the small accessories that come with you. The outside of the backpack is designed quite simply with 2 side compartments and 1 hidden compartment, not too special but high mobility. The main part of the barrel-shaped backpack opens easily and retrieves the contents when needed. However, I found this barrel-shaped opening a little entangled with me.

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The zipper section is very sturdy, pulling quite smoothly

Quality of backpack materials:
Mainly processed from 100% Polyester material with durable and breathable properties. This material also gives the ability to waterproof in a short time, anti-fraying, fabric. Inside is a soft lining that will be a good protective layer for items when packed in backpacks. The zipper is equipped with smooth seams that will be easier at open pull operations. The backpack strap is designed in an arc shape with a smooth, reduced pressure shoulder liner, creating comfort when carrying many items inside. The straps are sewn firmly, can carry up to 10kg but you should not carry too much influence on each shoulder.Advantages:
– Simple, compact, beautiful design
– Cheap price suitable for many brothers
– Genuine material, solid seam


– The bottom part of the backpack has no shockproof padding
– The section of main zipper is slightly narrow


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