Xiaohongshu is not a pure land for women to play games

A while ago, many articles about Xiaohongshu and female player analysis appeared on the Internet. In the eyes of many people, Xiaohongshu is becoming a game paradise for girls. The game atmosphere here is strong and it is naturally suitable for games. Cultural growth,There are even many views that Xiaohongshu is a game channel tailored for female players.

This is actually a specious view. According to this logic, all games on the market that are defined as female-oriented should find Xiaohongshu for vertical marketing. Whether it is purchase volume or product promotion, there is probably no second MAU similar to Xiaohongshu on the market. Over 100 million, more than 80% of users are women, and post-90s occupy the core vertical platform.

And for such a platform, for game manufacturers, especially female-to-game manufacturers, the theoretical positioning should be similar to the fetters between Station B and the core two-dimensional game, but the fact is obviously not like this.

We believe that the lifestyle of games is certainly a trend, but Xiaohongshu is not a pure land for women to play games. It can only be regarded as a comfortable community for girls to discuss games. In most cases, it is not suitable for commercialization of games. Operation.

One month ago, I downloaded Xiaohongshu for the first time. One month later, I understood anything related to the game.

Several characteristics of Xiaohongshu and games

Unlike most people’s understanding of Xiaohongshu, Xiaohongshu was originally positioned as an overseas shopping platform. After 14 years, it was upgraded from a community to an e-commerce. After the rise of short videos, a unified UGC community, e-commerce, and live broadcast were formed. Set of business closed loop. With “grass planting” as an Internet buzzword coming into the field of vision of most people, Xiaohongshu’s UGC ecological model of sharing content with its own characteristic graphic notes and “grass” can be said to be closely integrated.

Let’s put it this way, the internet buzzword “planting grass” did not necessarily originate from the Xiaohongshu platform, but for most people, the first reaction to knowing or hearing about planting grass is basically the Xiaohongshu platform. .

Unlike platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou, Xiaohongshu accepts games or shares game-related content on Xiaohongshu. In addition to short videos, Xiaohongshu also has a relatively traditional but easy-to-read and logically simple content mode.

I believe that after Xiaohongshu successfully entered the App club with a MAU of over 100 million, many game manufacturers have set their sights on this possible blue sea. Many developers really naively think that the consumption potential of female users is unlimited. Yes, they also have the confidence to stimulate the spending power of these girls.

Gamma Data, CITIC Securities

But in fact, whether it is purchase volume or product announcement, the marketing of game manufacturers on Xiaohongshu is not smooth. Although even the official Xiaohongshu has disclosed some excellent data on games, the facts and appearances It is indeed a thousand miles away. We can probably summarize this situation as the four characteristics of the game ecology of Xiaohongshu.

1. The official position is unstable and the UGC ecology is difficult to start.

On short head video platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou, we can observe that basically the head and mid-waist hot game officials have opened their own accounts to operate. This phenomenon is most obvious in 2018. Many game makers’ own large numbers have emerged and even become famous Blue V accounts on Douyin, and the fans of games such as “Glory of the King” and “Peace Elite” on platforms such as Douyin have broken one million early.

On the other hand, looking at Xiaohongshu, 100 million MAU does sound very good, but compared to products with more than 500 million MAUs such as Douyin and Kuaishou, Xiaohongshu’s 100 million and mainly female users The platform seems to be a little less interesting, and for female game makers,Unless the value of Xiaohongshu itself to the game is higher than the value brought by platforms such as Douyin, they have reason to operate ecological content.

We have counted the comparisons between fans who are familiar with several games on Xiaohongshu and Douyin platforms, and the results are clear at a glance.

When the game official does not regard the platform as the main position for community operations, there is a big question mark about what the platform itself can bring to the game.

2. The content is dependent on life, and the main business is higher than the side business.

For girls who are happy to share game content on Xiaohongshu, most of the time the game content is just a “sideline business”, and the main business is the “grass-growing daily” that everyone often refers to.

Of course, there are also a large number of KOLs who make vertical content in the game on Xiaohongshu, but on the one hand, because of the characteristics of Xiaohongshu’s main recommendation of graphic notes, the content that the game can do is nothing more than consultation or strategy. The click rate and attention of game works are much lower than those related to life and people.

Life is indeed an advantage of Xiaohongshu, but more is still achieved through short videos. For example, for a period of time, Xiaohongshu replaced itself with the login interface of “Glory of the King”. There are many such videos on Xiaohongshu, but the few high-click videos are basically not game KOLs themselves, but rather The most common makeup and e-commerce blogger on Xiaohongshu.

Xiaohongshu KOL Pi Fei

This model is certainly worthy of recognition for the overall ecology of Xiaohongshu. It is also a rare word-of-mouth communication to combine life planting with game stalks, but there is basically no follow-up after one. For other games and manufacturers There is basically no value for reference.

3. There is no traffic entrance, and the game ecology is closed-loop.

Xiaohongshu does not open the game traffic entrance, there is no game download area, game-related live chat is better than nothing. There is no hyperlink to the game’s official website and landing page through the game’s official account and enterprise account. To put it bluntly, it is pure word of mouth and brand display,At least so far, Xiaohongshu has no plans to become one of the main choices for game announcements like Douyin and Kuaishou.

This teahouse believes that it basically represents Xiaohongshu’s overall attitude towards games. They are very clear that they are not a product-centric distribution platform, although there are more than 11,000 game-related topics here, and 480,000 people are in small schools. The game-related notes are published on the Red Book, and more than 20 million users consume game content on the Red Book.

Based on the above characteristics, we have a rough idea of ​​what the game content ecology on Xiaohongshu looks like, and understanding these will help us explain the next problem a lot.

Game makers and Xiaohongshu

For game manufacturers, in most cases, the demand for traffic is still higher than the demand for word of mouth and the content itself, including some female-oriented games.

We interviewed the project team of several female Xiang game,Specifically, who basically guessed the few that are inseparable from everyone. The teahouse asked them what they thought of Xiaohongshu, and the results were surprising to us, but we also expected it.

Among the female-oriented games interviewed, only one game has a relatively deep cooperation with Xiaohongshu, and none of the other games have done large-scale marketing on the Xiaohongshu platform. The only strategy used in this game that I have worked with is to co-produce content with KOL experts, which is similar to the gameplay on the short video platform, but the overall performance of the data is not ideal.

The overall views of several women to the game project team on Xiaohongshu are basically the same, that is, Xiaohongshu, which itself is a non-gaming vertical channel, has generally unsatisfactory liquidity in terms of traffic, and it is difficult to achieve the desired effect of market distribution. It is precisely because of this that they rarely take Xiaohongshu into consideration when formulating marketing strategies.

After all,For a game mainly aimed at female user groups, what they need is the main gathering place for women in the player group, not the main gathering place for the female group.Players are players, they just have different interests, not platform attributes.

The same situation also appears in the purchase volume. According to the information released by Hot Cloud Data, the high-frequency copywriting of Xiaohongshu is still based on fashion wear and gourmet production, and the overall purchase style of Xiaohongshu is basically a small and fresh literary style to reflect the corresponding materials. . Obviously, it is different from most of the purchase materials we are familiar with,Both the material and the overall style template of Xiaohongshu’s purchase are quite different from the common game purchase materials.

According to the information queried by App growing, in the past 3 months, in the advertisements labeled “”Game” on Xiaohongshu,The main thing is not the game purchase advertisement itself, but some related “grass objects” and experience.

For example, this gadget called Divoom dot tone pixel speaker is actually a Bluetooth mini speaker. It is an “artifact” planted on the Little Red Book. It is a speaker + alarm clock.

From the perspective of the game, the relationship between this object and the game is mainly reflected in two aspects. One is the pixel style. As we all know, the pixel is easy to think of the game. Whether it is a classic game in the past or the present, pixel games are not low Popularity.

Secondly, the game has built-in small games including Tetris, but the appearance of the game on a grass-grown “audio” is another matter.

What’s interesting is that the shape of this audio does refer to the overall shape of some gaming machines, which is closer to some home personal computers from the 1970s and 1980s, such as Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, etc. It is really retro when it comes to retro, and these Basically, personal computers can only play pixel games.

There is also this, Xin Xin Miao Chao brand sup’s birthday gift for boyfriend when he was a handheld phone can be connected to a mobile power supply. The shape refers to the Game Boy, which claims to have more than 400 games. At that time, this was only secondary. Qixi Festival was actually more important than anything.

These small things that are planted with grass are sold in the official store built in Xiaohongshu, and apart from these things in the official store of Xiaohongshu, you can hardly find anything related to the game.

The girls playing the little red book in the game circle

While writing this article, I actively seek to interview some girls around who are actually using the Xiaohongshu App. Many of them are working in the game circle, including business, media, operations, art students, and of course with me. Journalists and editors in the same industry.

Basically it will not be the general answer I get when asking whether I will take the initiative to pay attention to game-related content on Xiaohongshu.What’s interesting is that when I asked you “What games do you think Xiaohongshu is suitable for marketing?”, the answers are almost uniformMini games, casual games and female-oriented games.

In the girls’ subconscious mind, they don’t take the initiative to pay attention to the content of the game, but they have a general position on what kind of game the Little Red Book might be suitable for distribution and promotion, and this position is also in line with big data and the outside world’s attitude towards women. Mainstream cognition towards game preference. I think this situation is the same as the assumption we put forward at the beginning of the article.That is to say, positioning the promotion value based on the attributes of the channel/platform itself is the inertial thinking of many people.

The truth is,Most girls are still more willing to obtain game-related information and content through rankings, common game channels and even some social platforms.It may be because the girls in the game circle are more purposeful. None of the dozens of girls interviewed has the experience of actively posting game-related notes on the Xiaohongshu. Most of the time, it is either to see the grass or to Looking at the evaluation of a certain makeup, they are the same as ordinary girls in this respect.

The discussion and analysis of the content of Xiaohongshu games almost ends here.If the game content in the traditional game forum is “reality”, then I would rather define the game ecology of Xiaohongshu as a “fairy tale”.

Because of its relatively closed-loop nature, the discussion and sharing of game content here is entirely guided by user UGC content creation. After some hot topics and incidents in the game circle erupt, Xiaohongshu will also adopt his own “life-oriented” attitude to accept fermentation.

Because of its relatively closed-loop nature, it is rarely harassed by the “commercialization” of games. At least you can hardly see a certain game playing hard on Xiaohongshu, and the girls here are already used to this atmosphere.

So, if you want to see what the game atmosphere in your life is like, it’s obviously good to spend some time on Xiaohongshu; if you want to get more game vertical content on Xiaohongshu, then We recommend that you take a detour; if you are a game manufacturer and want to do marketing on Xiaohongshu, we recommend that you be cautious.

Author: Under the Moon
Source: Game Tea House
Address: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/lcCk1CBgMJ-u8FdAXJdx3A


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